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Woman follows her wallet thief all the way down Mass. Ave.

Cambridge Police report arresting a Somerville woman on charges she snatched another woman's wallet on Holyoke Street in Harvard Square yesterday morning - an arrest made possible in part by the victim's discreet sleuthing skills:

Kristin Lucas, 35, [of Somerville], was arrested after she stole a wallet from a woman's handbag and was followed by the victim. She was seen leaning over towards the handbag and then going to the bathroom of a coffee shop in Harvard Square. After a lengthy time in the bathroom, she left the business and was followed by the victim, who witnessed Lucas discard items into trash cans along the way. Items were recovered in the women's room and trash cans on Massachusetts Avenue, as well as on Lucas' person. All items recovered were identified by the victim as stolen property.



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Holy $%*#, lock this clown up already.

Kristin Lucas, 35, of Somerville, was arrested at 11:53 a.m. on Boston warrant charges of assault and battery (two counts) and shoplifting by asportation


Kristin Lucas, 34, of Somerville, was arrested at 11:32 a.m. on Arlington warrant charges of OUI liquor, furnishing false ID to officer and larceny of a motor vehicle. She also faces Cambridge warrant charges of receiving stolen property, uttering forged credit card, identity fraud and larceny from building.

Kristin Lucas, 33, 75 Josephine Avenue in Somerville, was arrested in Porter Square after breaking into a locker at a gym, stealing a bag and wallet; then using a stolen credit card to purchase numerous gift cards. The suspect then used one of the gift cards at a local eatery and an area liquor store.

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(9 year old me: "hee...hee. heeeeee")

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Legal definition of asportation: a carrying away; specifically : the carrying away of someone else's property that is an element of larceny.

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And also the sluthy victim!

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Good job Nancy Drew!

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I was wondering if maybe the victim is a student of discrete math (my kid's field) and was discreet in tailing the robber.


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But, OK, no, that's not what I meant, and you know it, so I've fixed it - discreetly of course.

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she has at least 5 facebook pages. must be having trouble with her passwords.

Live for today you never know what tomorrow will bring. Love the ones who are true to you. keep it 100%

her facebook quote

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And regarding Porter Sq: the mentally ill homeless dude (I've talked with him multiple times) who has been arrested and released for sexual assault more than once, is still begging and getting $ from women (he told me guys were 'mean') .

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