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Roslindale man pedals to edge of Pacific Ocean, 71 days after riding out of Roslindale

Bicyclist Alan Wright of Roslindale reported today from Seaside, OR:

Today I arrived in Seaside OR after 71 days gone & 59 days riding 4240 miles. Will dip wheels in Pacific when brother arrives but breakfast first.

Roslindale man sets off on cross-country bike ride.

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Coast to coast in that kind of time is truly an accomplishment! Heck, coast to coast at all is something awesome!

I've long wanted to bike cross-country. I remember talking with a lot of riders coming through where I lived in 1976 - some were just starting for the east coast, others were almost done!

If I can get new knees before retirement, who knows? A US 20 ride? Maybe a Great Spawn Ride from Medford to Medford to raise awareness of rivers and watersheds?

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Maine to Massachusetts and Oregon to Oregon.

Bike touring remains the best way to see America and much of the world. Slow enough to take it in and fast enough to cover lots of ground.

I always ride to raise awareness -- my own.

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I've ridden Medford to Portland on this coast, but not the other.

I've lived in one Medford for a couple decades plus now, but started my terrestrial journey in the Oregon one. Hence "spawn" and an inspiration to think about watersheds along the route.

Bikespeed is indeed an excellent mode of seeing any country and connecting with the areas you traverse. I have vivid memories of every bit of touring that I've done. I'm envious that you have gotten to see so much of the country, and hope to do more now that my kids have fledged and my time and money horizons are opening up a bit.

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I knew they were underway but I'm glad that they made it.

They aren't downtown commuters though, lol.

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As we were unloading off the ferry in Port aux Basques very early in the morning after an overnight ferry ride, we saw a family riding away on a bike for four. It was miserable out with total fog, drizzle, and very little visibility, and these guys headed out in the soup. We also saw them a few days later on the road in better weather. Very cool to see. Wish I had a pic.

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Benefit of riding that much: being able to suck down massive quantities of carbs without gaining weight.

Good retirement plan, Alan.

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He is now maximally removed from the only Mass school district without a licensed superintendent.

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