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Boston Calling to return next spring, all raging and ready to fight foo

After missing a couple of years due to coronavirus. So far, the headliners include Rage Against the Machine and the Foo Fighters.

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Even our festival headliners are olds. We'll all get our Yeti coolers and Patagonia hats and meet there to catch up, ok? Maybe talk about how Lollapalooza at Great Woods was better, etc...

I'm glad it's back even if I won't be going.


Eh, makes sense. Boston is the capital and largest city in Mass., of course suburbanites are drawn to festivals here. Boston Calling's key demographic is craft beer drinking 40-ish suburban Dad witth deep pockets, and that's okay!


It's just a little funny to me.

This line up sucks. Sucks hard.

Shelia Devine is playing the Sinclair in July. Proof of Vaccine is needed for their NYC shows, don't know about Cambridge.

Alice Phoebe Lou is playing Brighton Music Hall in November.

Paul Weller is playing Dublin in November.

Spend your money on talent, not faux commies and old guys who released albums before Raphael Devers was born. (Paul Weller doesn't count. He is a god - therefore age doesn't matter).

hasn't produced anything of note other than vitriol since like 1982, a bitter has-been who mostly tries to get press by shitting on bigger talents.

I agree with the other points though.


Born the same year The Sheila Divine released their first album

They've only named two bands so far. The headliners might not be to your taste, but you never know who will be the undercard.

St. Vincent is on the road, so are Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Waxahatchee all of whom are producing some of the best music of their careers at the moment.

But $350 is too much for sure. This is more expensive than almost every other festival.


I can get Arcade Fire for $400,000.

At $350 a pop I'm sure I can get 1,142 people in, say another 250 to cover everything to hear a band that is, let's be honest, a lot better. You can get TVOTR for $15,000 and The Decembrists for $50,000. Throw them in too.

I'm not paying $350 to see an undercard band that will circle back through Brighton or Harvard Square in a couple of months with the money getting funneled to RATM to stay at the Ritz.


Foo Fighters just put out a new record like a month ago, and it’s killer.

I’d rather have another Fenway show though. 2 hour set with their own stage setup > paying out the ass to be nowhere near the stage and sitting through a whole lotta meh surrounded by Zoomers.

Have you seen the ticket prices?? They want $350 for a GA ticket, $875 for VIP or $1,700(!) for a Platinum ticket (all after fees). And this is early bird pricing!!! How many college students can afford that?

Boston Calling v2 is a cool festival, but I miss the old ones in City Hall plaza that were $70/day and had some great up & coming bands.


$350 for a GA ticket




So much for raging against the machine.


And they told you, "Pay!"


I saw hundreds of concerts in Boston the early to mid 70s for $4.50, $5.50 and $6.50. All the greats and the near greats. What happened? I know prices can't be expected to be the same as they were back then, but ticket prices rose way out of proportion with the prices of everything else. I'm sure greed had a major hand in this.

You can have any record you want for free by recording audio from your soundcard on your computer.

So all the money now is in touring and playing live shows.

True, but the trend started long before the download age. The Eagles were the first big rock band (in 1994) to decide to charge as much as possible instead of trying to keep their tickets affordable for working-class fans.

The festival is full of little genie boppers all over the place. And $350 is nothing for the thousands of super rich college students in this city.

And I agree it was 100x better at city hall plaza.


than a dozen other festivals. FF are headlining Lollapalooza, Bonnarroo, Bottlerock and a bunch of others in Europe and South America.


Isn't much of the Boston Calling lineup part of a rotating set of artists that appear at ARG/ Goldenvoice-produced "(Insert Local Name Here) Music Festival"s around the country?
Complaining about the corporate takeover of these hasn't been avant garde since the 2nd Lollopolooza tour


Wow. Time marches on ...


Funny how my husband told me the headliners and my reaction was "makes sense - kids don't have much scratch these days".

We might get tickets to celebrate his 60th birthday.


Kids don't have much scratch these days? You and I are clearly from different upbringings -- I never had the
then equivalent of $350 to see a concert! Good for you though, I wish I had your childhood of ease!

This is like a lineup put together by WMBR or some other time warp college station.

You know...when you had to actually play an instrument to be called a "band".



the foo fighters suck and i heard rage against the machine aren't very angry anymore.

anybody know if the dropkick murphys will be playing?

Rage and Foo is absolutely Gen X.

Boomers are all at Costco soaking up their Chardonnay and White Zin deals, talking about that time they went to see Aerosmith.


Nope, nothing GenX about frat-rock Rage Against the Machine, eww.

I used to see Aerosmith at Paul's Mall in Copley Square before they were famous.

Why the hatred for Foo Fighters?

DKM is at the point of playing the New York State Fair free stage.


Damn Foo

Just Foo Fighters. As if they weren't already annoying enough. (Though I do have to cop to buying one of their albums back in the day.)

the first two albums were great. after that it all sounds like the same song over and over.

Still bummed I never got to see RATM and the Beastie Boys in college when Mike D broke his arm and they had to cancel the tour. Not going to endure the hell on earth that is a giant festival to see them now though.

I'm bummed that I didn't see the Beastie Boys in college, when they were on tour with Run-DMC.

But I saw the Beastie Boys with Public Enemy.
It was awesome.

Now we need somebody to chime in and say they saw the Beastie Boys play with the Bad Brains at A7 to make you guys feel less old


I'm bummed that I got a ticket for the 1992 Beasties/ Rollins Band/ Mighty Joe Young (pre-STP) tour at Channel- and Beasties got call to do Letterman show and missed that night- Rollins/ STP may have been one of the worst major-act shows I've ever attended

I can go sit in Artesani with my canvas chair and a flask for free.