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BPL says it's restored public WiFi, but other online services remain off as it struggles to recover from hacker attack

The Boston Public Library reported today it's restored WiFi and that employees are beginning to input all of the book checkouts they'd had to record by hand since somebody knocked many of their systems offline last week.

In addition to our technology partners, we are also working closely with cybersecurity experts and law enforcement. Because of this ongoing investigation, we will continue to limit the level of detail that we share publicly.

BPL says its own in-house network experts have been joined by "an expert team of consultants" and that it hopes to get all of its remaining "public-facing" services back online "shortly."

The library has said no personal information was compromised by whatever it was that happened.

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Every resident of the state can get a BPL library card number via email in minutes and start browsing things like local newspapers dating back to the 1600s including the Globe archive, past and current scholarly jornals via JSTOR, numerous magazine archives, subscription language apps, and numerous genealogical databases and more.

If something requires a deeper dive than Google, head to bpl.org/resource!

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Checking people out by hand til the system is fixed.

Glad they kept that capacity.

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I stopped by Monday afternoon to fill my water bottle and sat out in the Courtyard for a bit to use the WiFi (of course you need your own device). There were quite a few patrons working in the buildings and the courtyard, though it was not as busy as it used to be in the before times.

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Kanopy still not working

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I just got in to Kanopy- you may have to “update” with your library card # and PIN.

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Per announcement earlier this morning. I have just successfully checked out and downloaded an e-book.

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