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The bumper sticker for anybody who's ever driven on a river road and not storrowed

Bumper sticker: I survived Storrow Drive!

Bumper sticker in the field, on an actual bumper.

I got a bunch of these stickers printed as one way to thank folks who have graciously sent in contributions or even subscribed to UHub, because, really, we all share a love of a good storrowing, as long as it doesn't involve us. If you'd like one (or a more traditional Universal Hub sticker, which looks just like the logo up above, only larger and glossier and sticky on the back), here's how.

Vitally important note: If you've already contributed or subscribed in the past, but didn't get one, drop a line with your postal address and I'll get one out to you.

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Like the job UHub is doing? Consider a contribution. Thanks!


Vitally important note: If you've already contributed or subscribed in the past, but didn't get one,

?? ;-)


For a while now, even before I had the idea of printing up stickers. But I don't want them to feel like they'd have to send more money just to get a sticker.

Your post is incomplete. The vitally important note is only half a sentence.


I left out part of the HTML and so screwed up the sentence. Fixed now.


I am one of them. But my point was what Allstonian indicated. I apologize for previously responding only in punctuation and emoji.

It's spelled OLNY


About your typos or dropped paragraphs, thanks for giving me a reason to contribute. Glad I found this site a year ago, it’s a winner. (Or as AEG would say, a “winner.” Or a “winnah.” Depending on who’s she’s talking to.)


with that bumper sticker on it.


I won't be happy until we see this sticker on a truck that's just storrowed.

Dare to dream, everyone!


Imagining bored UHubbers going and slapping the stickers on freshly storrowed trucks.


"I STORROWED" stickers too.

We need a new state law, if you Storrow, your next vehicle must be branded with one of these stickers.

Normally, I oppose public humiliation, but there's a line and hitting one of those bridges is on the other side of it.

Just so they could get one of the stickers and bragging rights. You know how some people can be.
“It’s my truck, it’s my right to Storrow/not be vaccinated”

never mind, you're right.

…. bumper stickers?

a bike to storrow?

I mean, I think I would consider a bike just BEING on Storrow Drive to have storrowed.

… Tall Bike.

Helmet would be advisable in this case.

If you can make it alive on a bike all the way to the bridge without getting killed, you get a sticker. For free.

when Storrow is closed to cars.