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Citizen complaint of the day: East Boston grows weary of airplane complaints from the South End

An East Boston citizen who trawls 311 is fed up with whoever in the South End keeps filing 311 complaints about airplane noise, like multiple times a day:

To the person or person complaining about "AIRPLANE NOISE" in the South End !! Come live in East Boston we have been living it with for decades! And so has Winthrop so..... to your complaining grow up or move away. Simple solution. Have a nice day.

The East Boston 311 browser doesn't mention it, but East Boston also has a unique airport: Vermonters and other lowlives who use local streets to avoid Logan parking fees. Like Saratoga Street:

Two gentlemen jump out of the car with luggage and walked to the airport this happens all the time on this street.

311 itself, meanwhile, has grown as tired of incessant South End airplane complaints as it has of racist/QAnon vaccine complaints: This morning both are being marked "closed" at a ferocious rate:

Case Referred to External Agency. Massport is the State agency that handles airplane noise complaints. In order for complaints to be submitted and logged by Massport’s Noise Abatement Office, they need a name, contact info, and physical address for response and record keeping purposes. To file noise complaints via Massport’s Noise Abatement Office by phone,. please call (617) 561-3333, or go online to www.massport.com/logan-airport/about-logan/noise-abatement/complaints/

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If there are numerous valid complaints on a problem, should the mayors office and other elected officials contact the "external agency" and advocate for us? Referring the complaints is very poor constituent service. I suspect numerous complaints many times a day is an act of frustration because no one is listening. We also have had in increase of numerous planes and helicopters in the Fenway, including several daily at 5:45am.

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I’ll trade the Jet fuel fumes we have here in Eastie for Airplane noise they have in South End anyday.

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A more perfect union in this city will not be achieved untill government starts properly addressing complaints about complaints.

I suggest making it an added feature on the 311 app and appointing Doug Bennet or Althea Harrison to the job of responding to complaints about complaints.

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So you are complaining about complaints about complaints?

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How can you be complaining about complaints about complaints then recommend Althea Harrison to address the complaints about complaints? Being a posting pedant complainer I am complaining about your too small keyboard is making you misspell "Garrison" @dvg. She would be perfect for the position though; Not that I'm complaining about the vacancy. :)

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The city services request system (311) was a good idea when it came on line a few years back but it is now a wasteland of cranks. The city need to shut it down or make serious modifications.

1) Require a user name and password. Sure email addresses are free all over the place but a majority of the cranks won't bother. Record user name and IP address and if there is enough abuse or false reports ban the user. Remember, texting access is a convenience. You can always call 311 where they will record your phone number and IP address to ID you. This will make the cranks think twice. Also institute a fine if the abuser can be properly identified. Money talks.

2) Rebuild the menu. Too many people use 311 to report police oversight issues. Change the access menu. If someone selects something that is a police issue, don't take the complaint. Give them a canned response stating it is a police issue and to call 911. Filing false police reports is a felony crime. They will think twice. If any complaints get through send an immediate closure telling people PLAINLY that they used the wrong system and not to expect results. Of course if it appears to be an emergency, pass it on but it's time to start telling these people to use it right.

Ditto the airplane noise complaints. My gosh what were they thinking when they moved to a city with a busy international airport. God forbid they were to move near LaGuardia or JFK in NYC. You have to wonder if Worcester, Manchester, or TF Green get the same level of complaints. Everything at TF Green is over homes, always has been.

Political diatribes get a demerit and warning. Too many and you are gone baby. Don't like something? Call your city councilor or your state rep.

3) Stop excepting outside access from similar apps.(SeeClickFix). You're getting out-of-area complaints from adjoining cities and towns already and the crank load coming from other states is starting to cause problems. User name and password and block the other apps from taking any complaints on behalf of Boston.

Start making people use the system responsibly and stop making the poor people that handle this stuff their personal whipping boy. This will also help reduce those calls that are actually neighbor disputes where people try to use the 311 system to punish someone they don't get along with.

Again... great idea. It got out of hand. When a car starts to break down you fix it or dump it and get a new one. Same applies here. As it stands it is broken and serves no one.

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Resident permit parking is disgusting. It's hogging a public resource by people who have the political power to do so, disregarding the needs of outsiders.

If residents of Saratoga Street think the airport parking lot is convenient and affordable enough for foreigners, they're welcome to park there themselves.

The entire purpose of automobiles is to go places where you don't live. Some day these Eastie residents who never learned how to share in nursery school will be on the wrong end of someone else's resident parking regulations.

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311 seems to be posts about either the vaccine mandate or the passport and the mayor lately.

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