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Citizen complaint of the day: Grown men running around like children

TwilightZone: Kick The Can, Season 3, Episode 21

A concerned citizen files a 311 complaint about men cavorting in Garvey Playground in Dorchester:

Grown men running around like children, trying to relive their glory years, almost trampling dogs on the Garvey Dog Field. Absurd behavior from grown adults.




Grown men running around like children

That's awesome, I hope they had fun!

trying to relive their glory years

Sounds like they're still in their glory years.

almost trampling dogs on the Garvey Dog Field

Okay, that's shitty.

Absurd behavior from grown adults

And I hope there's more to come!


In the late 70's there was a kid way way older than us (meaning he was a teenager) who was really messed up when struck with lightning while playing baseball at Garvey Park, or that was at least the urban legend.

He lived at the corner of Freeport and Southwick Streets in a house that was replaced about 10 years ago.

I hope he sees this post from wherever he is in and smiles.

PS - Bleep the dog mafia. Self centered twits.


There actually were two kids struck that day, June 26, 1977. One on pitchers mound getting it worse than the other standing at third base. It was cloudy, but lightning came out of nowhere.


see page 2, commendations.


It is not like our parents talked this up or we would have never gone out for Little League.

To be running around looking for a "car date", some illicit chemical coping mechanisms, or shooting things up?

Now the dog people know what families feel like when their dogchildren are "off the leash".


Someone get Swirly a mop, she just spilled the tea.


I've had more incidents of kids running into me with their bikes, scooters, themselves b/c their parents weren't paying attention than I've had dogs "trample all over me" at the park.

What about the the cyclists who fly through parks not giving a hoot about the pedestrians? That's ok I guess.

And for good measure let's add that there is FAR more garbage left by adults and children in this area than there is dog poop. Both are disgusting and both should be picked.

Get a new shtick...you are growing boring.


...it is possible for dogs, kids AND cyclists to all behave in ways that cause problems for others. Calling out one is not the same as saying that the others aren't happening.

Sounds like it's time for your nap.


I’m okay with both. Even if they intermarry.

The maturity of Swirly People is just awe inspiring.


...is relished by the wisest men.


This used to be a nice city!


He used to cut the grass.


Having grown up on a dairy farm, I remember well when the cows that had been kept in an enclosed pen all Winter would get super-excited at the beginning of every Spring and attempt to escape (and sometime succeed) every time someone would open a gate. On the first day we’d let them out to pasture, even the mature ladies with bad hips ran out wild as if they were heifers. After a couple of weeks of going to pasture daily, they would all return to their blasé self.

Following a long renovation, Garvey Park just reopened with gleaming AstroTurf. I think that grown men running around is a good problem to have, but based on my experience with cows, this phenomenon will fade away quickly.


Did you call the police to complain about their public behavior?

I sure hope so.

Much better to hang out with angry scolds than to engage in playful antics in a city park.
At least in my opinion.

And get off my lawn.

No, not there.
I consider the hell-strip part of my yard.
And that parking space in front of it.
What did you say to me?
I_AM_ acting like an adult!

Because passive-aggressive complaining to your virtual parent figure, the City of Boston, is grown-ass adult behavior?


Part of being a Karen is granting yourself authority over others that you do not have. Then they can release all the frustration in their lives and inflict it on people (playing in the park). Pretty sure this is a trumped up charge in the search for something specific to complain about. If there's one thing dogs Do like it's people running and playing near them.

Grown men on skateboards is kind of silly too.

"Garvey Dog Field"???
They just finished a $5 million renovation at Garvey paid for by "adult" taxpayers.
The first day the snow melted and it was warm enough there was dog schift all over the new field turf which dogs are not allowed on. Take your dogs to the new fenced in dog park that was just built and keep them off the field.
Good for the adults down there exercising and finally getting to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Stay outta their way with your dogs.

I have a feeling this will be one of the more commented posts on Uhub.

than the usual explaining why racism isn't just calling a black person the n-word


We NEED it.


Karen ?



Keeping the tradition.

And it was humor.

... if you used a racial put down?

Yeah, probably, Dot Rat.

Look, I made a funny!

What are you on about? Karen is comparable to a “racial put down”?!


Someone who calls you a misogynist because of a Joke?

You need to lighten up.

And I have an old Dot Rat t-shirt in my closet, it's cool.

There is no Garvey “dog field”. Bring your dog to the designated dog area. The field is for humans.


Garvey park is great, the kids love it. Great job by mayor walsh and parks dept.
The dog owner can find another area to go if they do not like children and adults enjoying a park that has been wonderfully renovated.


Are off leash dogs even legal at this park?

No, but they (dog ppl) have been ruining the field since before it was officially opened.