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Citizen complaint of the day: Racist fliers put on cars in Dorchester's Cedar Grove

A Cedar Grove resident filed a 311 complaint about the "Hate / racist propaganda" complaining about "anti-whiteism" that got put on cars on his street today. Link has a photo of the thing.

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Jenn reports people in Adams Village and St. Brendan's got the things as well. Also:

There has been similar "sticker graffiti" all over those neighborhoods reported several times in the last 6 months or so too.

Can't get ISD to fine landlord for illegal recording studio in neighbors basement, and yet some naive soul believes 311 can be a tool in policing identity politics?


didn’t know that.


...is one way to euphemize and downplay white power propaganda and hate speech.


It looks like white power propaganda, but where do you get "hate speech" from?


Blink. Blink.


You know, I'm not surprised to see white supremacist apologia on here, but usually people at least try to be slightly subtle about it.


Where do you get "apologia" from?


Questioning whether "white power" is hate speech is a pretty classic way of trying to normalize what is obviously a racist ideology. And frankly, I'm pretty tired of this "just asking questions" bullshit. If you don't feel that white supremacy is hate speech, go ahead and make an actual argument to that effect instead of trying to pretend that this is up for debate.


Is it stupidity or disingenuousness that makes this seem like an actual argument?


The term "identity politics" is a euphemism for "I don't like what you're saying and so I'll slam the statement with the global derision du jour. Same with cancel culture.

Proof that the US is fundamentally conservative in its political-eocnomics is that political conservatives are usually the ones using poor wit, derisive and inflammatory language to put down what they dislike.

Unable to respond with legitimate argument and objective information, resort instead to put downs and ugly language.

Normally, Refugee, I’d encourage you to further research the racist materials displayed, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to prompt racists to connect with other racists so they can form bigger cells and further self-radicalize.

Suffice it to say that I looked into it myself and, while I won’t repeat and amplify what I saw, I can report not only was there a variety of typical trashy “white pride” bile, but also blatant and not subtle anti-Semitism. (I know—shocking, right? A group considering themselves as a superior race hating Jewish people? Quite novel.)

But please tell us more about the non-hateful white power groups that you seem familiar with.


Thanks for letting us know that you're not interested in discussing this issue in good faith.


of that flier -- like grade-school boys with their own made-up clubhouse slang -- or the mealy-mouthed downplaying of obvious, hate-filled white supremacy as "identity politics".

Way to show your cards there, fella. You're not fooling anyone.


If the recording studio is illegal and ISD inspectors refuse to do anything then there is a problem at ISD. I was in an apartment where there were 2 major violations. First was that the 2nd egress was blocked; 2nd was that there was no CO detector in the bedroom which was around the corner from the bedroom.

While an ISD inspector cited the landlord the inspector never returned my calls regarding followup. Given that I was planning on moving out in a month I decided to not pursue this issue, although I did use the rights I had as a tenant to escrow rent payments until the landlord fixed the issues (which they never did).

Why did ISD not pursue this situation? Because the landlords personally knew the former mayor? Because the inspector knew I was moving anyway? Because the inspector knew that the building was going to be renovated after I moved? I didn't follow through because I had better things to do, such as get on with my life in a better home.

If the recording studio is illegal - and its causing harm, even if simply gross noise - then pressure ISD to act.

However, this is a different matter from white supremacist propaganda.

...you probably meant this in response to that other post?

edit: nm, it's in response to Refugee's idiotic strawman.

but to also direct that issue to where it belongs.

Is against the law but so isn't the graffiti that is turning up everywhere along the red line and no one cares and the vandals know they won't be charged.

Furthermore, is the MBTA graffiti you reference also white supremacist propaganda like the sticker graffiti referenced above? I’m not saying give vandalization a pass, but not all graffiti is equally as abhorrent as white power slogans and iconography.