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Convicted armed robber once charged with murdering own brother arrested for Friday murder in Dorchester

Boston Police report arresting Nickoyan Wallace, on charges he gunned down Ivanildo Barros, 37, of Dorchester, at 590 Park St. in Dorchester shortly before noon on Friday.

Wallace, 46, was arrested by gang-unit officers yesterday, police say.

Wallace was released in 2015 on a 10-year federal sentence for armed robbery - he and his brother Timi were charged and convicted for using a gun to hold up a gun store in Providence, RI in 2000.

Both brothers were charged with murdering a third brother, Tasfa, in Dorchester, allegedly over drugs, and based in part on testimony from a fourth brother. Nickoyan and Timi Wallace were charged with firing multiple shots through Tasfa's front door in March, 2000, - several months before they robbed the Providence gun store.

The murder charges against Nickoyan Wallace, however, were dismissed after the Supreme Judicial Court ruled prosecutors had failed to bring him to trial fast enough.

Suffolk County prosecutors decided to try both men in one trial, but while Nickoyan Wallace was arrested in 2000, Timi Wallace eluded capture until 2004, which the SJC ruled meant that Nickoyan's right to a speed trial had been violated even after accounting for delays he had requested or agreed to. Timi Wallace, however, was convicted of second-degree murder in 2017.

Innocent, etc.


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