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A Covid-19 number we haven't seen since March 17, 2020: Zero deaths reported

Massachusetts today reported no deaths from Covid-19, the first time that's happened since last March 17, at the beginning of our first surge. It's possible the number could be adjusted based on late reports, so we probably want to wait a bit before going "hooray!" just yet, but the number of total cases reported (472), people hospitalized (441) and test positivity rate (1.32% over past seven days) are all also part of downward trends, so things are getting better.

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I’d like to thank all of the brave foot soldiers who wear masks while walking outside by themselves.

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The way it irritates you. Why would we stop?

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I'd like to thank all of the pointless wankers like you who popped their forehead veins over things that other people are doing that do not affect you in the least. Now go soak your head.

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... suffer from pollen allergies at this time of year -- and the masks help with that.

In any event -- mind your own business when people are doing nothing that can harm you (other than hurting your precious feelings in some inexplicable manner).

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I hope wearing masks stays more normalized. I plan to continue wearing masks during pollen season in years to come because it's made spring so much more bearable!

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And I clicked it anyways...I love it.

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Maybe they're just using their ears to hold it using those convenient ear handles while they travel between indoor locations. Maybe it's easier than taking it off and holding it in their hands or stuffing it in their pockets.

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Could it be that wearing masks is what helped bring us to the point where we actually have zero deaths in a single day? Nope, I'm sure it has nothing to do with it. ::eyeroll::

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