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Election roundup: Looks like Roy Owens has lowered his sights for which race to lose this year

Although perennial candidate Roy Owens's mayoral-campaign Web site is still up, he filed papers with the state yesterday to run for the District 7 (Roxbury) City Council seat he has failed to win in the past.

The Herald rounds up the different ways mayoral candidates say they would have handled the Dennis White matter.

Michelle Wu publicly posted her 2020 federal tax return and a 2020 "statement of financial interests" form.

There's now a fourth possible candidate for the District 6 (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury) seat that Matt O'Malley is retiring from. Winnie Eke of West Roxbury has filed campaign papers with the state, joining fellow West Roxburyian Mary Tamer and Jamaica Plainers Kendra Hicks and Kelly Ransom in the race.

The Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of Social Workers has endorsed Carla Monteiro, herself a social worker, for one of the four open at-large council seats. "Carla leads with empathy and a deep commitment to improving the lives of others, especially those who have historically been left behind," Allison Bodek, co-chair of the local union's political-action arm, said.

The Scope interviews Brian Worrell, running for the District 4 (Dorchester, Mattapan, Roslindale) seat Andrea Campbell is giving up.


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Literally every time I see his name I think of Roy Clark and Buck Owens.

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Pretty gusty of Michelle to paste her tax return on her website. I respect that, she is walking the walk on transparency.

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she is walking the walk on transparency.

Wow, based on one tax return. Thet got you for cheap.

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Although I'd be more interested in the tax returns for her 'business' and for her husband.

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