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Former Celtics player admits he beat and choked his girlfriend for hours, but if he can stay out of trouble for two years, he won't have a conviction on his record

Jabari Bird today admitted he repeatedly attacked his girlfriend in his Brighton apartment over a four-hour period one night in 2018, after which a judge continued his case without a finding for two years, which means the criminal charges will be dismissed if he stays out of trouble during that period.

In a hearing at Brighton District Court, in which he broke down in tears, Bird acknowledged "he assaulted and repeatedly choked his then-girlfriend, prevented her from leaving his apartment, and later threatened her in an attempt to deter her from testifying," the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Judge David Donnelly did order home arrest for 60 days for Bird as part of a two-year period of probation, and ordered him to enter an abuse intervention program - and to have no contact with his victim.

Assistant District Attorney Khyati Short had urged a guilty plea and a sentence of 60 days in jail for Bird.

This request was backed by the victim, who appeared via Zoom and told the judge that "time supposedly heals all wounds" but the trauma of the attack remains fresh and has shattered her trust in men. "I miss the woman I was before I met Jabari," she said.

Donnelly said he acknowledged the pain, but added that Bird had stayed out of trouble in the three years since his arrest.

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I have the opposite problem. Once upon a time I worked in a print shop and my boss was doing a pamphlet for his shop. He didn’t proofread my work and printed it on very expensive paper. It proudly stated that “We love to work with out customers!”

I was razor-blading those t’s into r’s for weeks.

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Do he and Patrick Chung double date?

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would the judge be this lenient if the offender weren’t a sports star

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Donnelly said he acknowledged the pain, but added that Bird had stayed out of trouble in the three years since his arrest.

Oh wow, what a good boy. He's managed not to get caught beating anyone for the past 3 years so he doesn't need any punishment for FOUR HOURS of beating and terrorizing his girlfriend.

And why should the poor guy have a conviction on his record just because he lost control once (that we know of)? How could we expect a pro athlete to conform to civil standards of behavior? [/sarcasm]

If I were a nicer person I wouldn't be sitting here wishing that Donnelly would experience something similar someday soon.

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for first offense domestic violence cases in Massachusetts. Except for the high bail, this is status quo.....

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Zero tolerance has been quite successful with the American justice system.

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… men have good reason to beat their women now and then.

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Is ignoring the witness intimidation also standard? I would hope that would be an even more serious charge than domestic assault and battery. Also, four hours of that amounts to torture. Is there a law about torture?

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His status and wealth should not make this excusable!

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