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Four-car smashup shuts Jamaicaway

Crash on the Jamaicaway

Citizen.Coping spotted the aftermath of a crash on one of the Jamaicaway's more winding sections around 2:30 p.m. She reports nobody appeared seriously injured.

From the other side:

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J.E.R. is back?

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People drive too damn fast on that narrow winding road!

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Imagine how much nicer Jamaica pond must have been before this dumb road full of loud, shitty drivers was made mere feet from the pond.

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Jamaica Pond was filled with agricultural runoff from all the cows and pigs on farms near it. That's what was there.

If you ever have to take motorized transportation do you wear a hairshirt later that night and beat yourself for your sin?

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Certainly Kinopio could be living under a glacier.

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It actually was a mecca for ice retail.

Major distributors and vendors used the location of the pond.

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Yet, somehow Jamaica Pond, like Walden is "Special" because they people who live near it think it is.

When Roxbury goes full Bobo in about 30 years, we will get tomes on how "Special" Scarboro Pond is.

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It's always amazing to me how DCR's roads simply suck for everyone. They are all high stress and quite dangerous, including for cars. I feel like my life is in danger whenever I am on one, whether I'm walking, bicycling, or in a car.

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There's a lot more traffic and speed on these parkways vs 1960s but cars are also safer today.

Is it more or less dangerous now vs ~50 years ago?

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Cars today are safer for occupants who are in cars that crash - NOT for anyone or anything these larger, heavier cars smash into and destroy. Passenger cars have gotten larger and larger in recent years, and are demonstrably more dangerous in crashes.

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Isn't about cars in general, it's about the J-way.

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They aren’t necessarily safer for occupants either. Some SUVs and jeeps tip over more easily than drivers assume. Also there is the false sense of security that being high off the ground and having air bags gives some drivers so that they take more risks.

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Only partially correct, anon.
Cars today are generally not as large as they used to be (thinking of some of the land barges of the 60s-70s, and a car today tends to be lighter than a car of the same size would have been 25 or 30 years ago (using plastic, lighter metals and less material wherever they can).
Where they have gotten larger and heavier is in specific model lines. For example, recent Civic models are closer in size to the Accord of 30 years ago than the Civic of 30 years ago.

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You said it. Winding roads with too many lanes and no shoulders, with low speed limits and no enforcement whatsoever. The result is a subset of commuters who drive these "parkways" like they are trying to get a new high score in Cruisin' USA.

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You are supposed to be parked on them, right?

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They won't enforce any laws on the J-Way because there is no room to pull drivers over. World class city.

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Needs to be just one wider lane and a shoulder.
Safer and you could pull people over.

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& one way, inbound from the rotary by Pond St (on the south side of Jamaica Pond) until Route 9. Make Pond Ave. one way outbound from Route 9 going south, ultimately routing to Francis Parkman Drive; this would take some reconfiguration of the exit from the Way to Pond Ave. at the Rt9 overpass.

There's a need for a traffic corridor going inbound/outbound from both the Arborway & Centre Street headed towards WRox, but there's no good reason to force traffic in both directions on one road. Can even reduce lanes further on the JWay to just 2 one-way, it's sufficient once you eliminate delays from left turns across traffic.

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