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Good thing the platform at Maverick is extra wide, means room for riders to wait after a train has died

Passengers waiting for a train that isn't coming at Maverick

Passengers waiting for an alleged shuttle train to Boston around 3:40. Photo by Nicholas Bauer.

Something went all fizzzly and sparky on the Blue Line this afternoon, turning what is normally a quiet Saturday into the equivalent of a rush-hour commute as the T scrambled to arrange a shuttle train between Maverick and Aquarium on the outbound tracks because the inbound tracks were no longer usable.

The T declared "a power problem" at Aquarium inbound, which in English usually means something went boom and shorted out or got ripped up or fell down. Or as Ellison Tavico reported:

Currently in train 0773, saw sparks on the right side of the train (A-B side, according to the door markings).

As of 4:10 p.m., the shuttle was still running.


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Blue line tunnel could use a 24/7 bike path. Under a mile into town. No dealing with breakdowns. Put a blue bike at both ends and all these people are moving again. (OK maybe not all but still)

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During the winter of '15 there was nothing more frustrating than waiting at State with the sign saying 20+ minutes, for a trip to Eastie that could be walked in maybe ten minutes.

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is the new ferry running between East Boston and the Seaport will allow bikes at no additional cost, according to some comments I have seen.

The bad news is the ferry will only run during weekday rush hours, at least during the pilot period.

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We won't re-open the tunnel between east and west boylston because a tunnel could be dangerous, yet we want one a mile long under the harbor? What could go wrong.

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Many moons ago Magoo thought Maverick was named after Maverick from Top Gun because it was near the airport. Magoo.

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It's too bad Maverick can't cash those checks his ego is making because there is a place right upstairs.


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