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Great moments in Boston snow history: This isn't Loon Mountain

Boston residents told stop jumping out of windows into snowbanks - Daily Mail

From 2015, natch.

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...always makes me laugh.

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Anyone remember the guy who would call into WAAF and scream Marty was a one term Mayah for not getting snow cleared ?

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Somewhat lovable. But full on meathead

Great clip Adam.

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Some old guy who thought he was clever or some self-absorbed dad or teacher or principal possessed him and this cringey ridiculous thing slipped out of his mouth, and likely had the opposite of the intended effect.

The people behind him are holding their breath. It is that bad.

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The person who'd jump out of a window into a snow pile would never watch a city hall news conference. Those people probably don't even know who the Mayor is.

But sort of person who might admonish others with such language is the exact type who'd want to tune in to hear what Walsh has to say.

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Never jumped out a window up north, but I did backflip off my roof in 2015.

Still here!

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"you need to take your headphones off … you’ve got to understand, people are going to jump onto you.”

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Can't wait to hear the pronouncements from the Department of Labor.

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