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The Green Line suffers quite the gaffe: Train has a broken pantograph

Green Line train in trouble at Park Street

Robert Grover posted this photo of a mortally wounded trolley at Park Street at 4:26 p.m., adds:

STAY AWAY from Park St. Broken pantograph...and I'm trying to get to my vaccine appointment at Fenway. Awful.

The MBTA reports this "power problem" has short-circuited all service between Government Center and Copley and is urging people whose travel needs lead them to those areas to use the Orange Line, where, naturally, there are no extra trains, so now people are standing shoulder to shoulder, like in the old days, only now with the threat of a deadly virus in the air.

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Now THAT is a severe pantograph failure. And of course, it's a Breda car.

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That'll buff right out.

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Not just Storrowing. We now have a new version. What causes this?

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