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Guy talks to elderly woman at Haymarket about her dog to distract her long enough to steal her purse, police say

Man nabbed in the act of robbing an elderly woman at Haymarket

First he chats her up, then he lifts her purse, police say.

Transit Police report arresting a man they say used small talk to steal a woman's purse at the Haymarket Orange Line station around 8:40 a.m. on Wednesday.

According to police, Faycal Daamache, 53, went up to a 75-year-old woman and:

Engaged the victim in small talk feigning to be interested in her dog. DAAMACHE's ultimate goal, we allege, was to district the elderly victim long enough to steal her purse which is exactly what he did. DAAMACHE got away with the victim's cell phone, keys, ID's and bank cards.

Police say detectives were able to ID Daamache and tracked him to his Boston home, where they arrested him yesterday.

Innocent, etc.

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Infuriating! 53 years old and scamming elderly women. What the heck went wrong in his life that it came to this. Glad they caught him.


Magoo once heard that if one smokes three toed sloth dingleberries one will get high. Magoo has not tried this...yet. Magoo.


Shut the fuck up, magoo




... for witlessness on your part.


Adam, can you please, please get rid of Magoo?


...go away, and take the nine dimwits who liked your inane bullshit with you.


its part of a scam..

75 year old lady has a 20 something year old man approach her


75 year old lady has 50 something year old man approach her.

Who do you think she would be more receptive (and not defensive) to?

The older guy. "how can he possibly hurt me" is probably the thought that crossed her mind.

And he took advantage of that thought.

"just because someone is ______, doesn't mean they can't be an _______________"


I think the clothes have more to do with it than age. If he were in a track suit or a sleeveless - t or something, I'm sure everyone would be more wary of him. And if a 20 something in a suit approached her, I doubt she'd be instantly on guard.


Kind of surprising that a guy dressed as well as him is stooping to this kind of crap.

shades of the guy who used to ask people if they had money for a can of fix-a-flat as he had a flat tire and was going to be late for a job interview (as he wore a suit).

that said, never trust anyone under the age of 70 who wears a fedora, a bowler, or any other sort of brimmed, non-baseball style hats.


Elliot Davis, that's the fix a flat scam guy. Still see him every now and again, usually around state st

I have to agree. We're all insufferable douchebags and not to be trusted. When you see us on the T, give us space for your own good, even if it means giving up three seats in a row.

/I may not be 70, but I'm old enough to have had skin cancer on my (naturally) bald head, and a fedora offers better sun protection than a baseball cap.


there are plenty of ways to protect one's skin without looking like you just left a Brian Setzer Orchestra video shoot.


The fix-a-flat guy is alive and well and still scamming people.


I'm guessing this fella is not quite as clean as he appears in the picture. Even the well dressed criminals can't completely hide their sleaziness.


And I'm not exaggerating. This guy has robbed/stolen from at least 50 people since last summer. No clue why he is still out. He isn't dangerous but enough is enough.


None of what he does is prosecutable in Suffolk.


...is Rachel Rollins' rent-free home.


I just Googled it and only see it connected to this story and a people search. Please share.

I’m curious how the police were able to identify the sleezebag.

And charged (summonsed) another 5-10 times

And Rachel Rollins has nothing to do with why this guy is free FYI. This is on the judges/system.


I take the train pretty often. Would let my gaurd down around someone like that due to their state of dress. Good reminder to pay more attention.

I don't get the suit. It throws my perception way off.

That was the purpose. To throw off perception. You see someone dressed like him, you wouldnt think he would do something like this. He would have easily gotten you too!!

I have had a hard time being in crowded places, hearing unexpected noises, and trusting strangers after my belongings were stolen by someone. A woman asked me for directions recently and wanted to show me the map on her phone. Immediately I felt wary, but I stopped, put my glasses on and followed her into the shop doorway where she was standing. It was hard to decide to help her, but fortunately I had made the right decision in this case. Perhaps she had trouble reading. This woman in the subway was probably used to speaking with nice people because having a dog makes a person more approachable and used to positive interactions with strangers. So glad she wasn’t harmed, the perpetrator was identified, and her purse returned to her.