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Haymarket Pizza serves last slice

Haymarket Pizza, which has been selling pizza by the slice in the heart of Haymarket for 50 years, announced today it's shutting down, the latest in a string of decades-old Boston places that have disappeared over the past couple of years.

The no-nonsense pizzeria originally opened as Al Capone's.

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I can't read the FB link but any reason why? or just "covid" ?

After 50 years of operation and 28 years of current ownership, we announce today the closure of Haymarket Pizza.
Originally known as Al Capone's in the 1960's, the name was eventually changed to Haymarket Pizza for its location in the middle of Boston's oldest outdoor market, Haymarket. Many of our patrons are lifelong customers who grew up visiting the market as children and have made Haymarket Pizza a part of their family tradition. With such a meaningful history in the heart of Boston, we've been blessed with countless friendships and memories over the years at Haymarket Pizza. Anyone who's ever had Haymarket Pizza knows there's nothing like it, and that we've always done our best to keep our prices reasonable, even during tough times.
With deep gratitude, we thank you for your loyalty and support during our long time in business.


This continued loss of institutions like Haymarket Pizza, I've always thought it one of the finest cheap slices in the City, is soul-crushing.


Damn. This is a bummer. One of the best places around to get a slice. Glad I went recently for what turned out to be the last time.


Now THAT makes me sad and nostolgic. I loved how you could see people from all walks of life eating pizza from a flimsy paper plate standing up at the same plywood table when I would go there on rent week. Lawyers, laborers, bankers, politicians, elderly ladies with shopping carts stuffed with bags of Haymarket produce, etc. Sigh.


Do any of my favorite slices even exist any more? Little Steve's is gone, now Haymarket. Aagh! Good cheap no-frills slices are a natural human right, by god!


this is one of the few places i could bring people and say.. here's what boston used to be like!! RIP