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A hazy shade of Oregon

Hazy Logan Airport

JS3263 looked out from a Logan terminal around 5 p.m. and saw the sky was a hazy shade of Oregon - and British Columbia.

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The smoke is coming from West Chelsea remnants of the 1973 Great Chelsea fire..

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I lived in a small isolated Eastern Oregon community of about 8,000 people that was barely spared massive destruction in 1973 when the wind changed at the last second after a roaring firestorm jumped the last fire break. It burned within two blocks of my home.

When the Chelsea fire made national news several days running a couple months later, a bunch of kids in my school were kind of obsessed with it. We were all kind of warped about big fires after what we went through.

It was baffling and kind of incomprehensible - a forest fire in the city? How can a city just burn like a wildfire???

That was the year that the local cinema pulled Bambi due to the forest fire scene freaking everyone out. This was long before the impact of natural disaster trauma was understood, particularly in kids. What adults found morbid was just us processing our terrifying experience.

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Being from Chelsea and from a long time Chelsea family it is amazing how much that fire still lingers in the city even among people like myself who were not alive to witness it and those who know moved here not knowing it ever existed.

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See what’s become of our climate. (Maybe we get serious about addressing it?)

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Which is your favorite HAZY SHADE OF WINTER version?

I adore the original, but Susanna Hoffs has my heart forever.

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Susanna Hoffs scheduled to play what is now Vincent's on Cardinal Medeiros Avenue in late May.

First week of May - Austin Powers comes out with Hoffs (along with Matthew Sweet) in the back up band Ming Tea. Movie blows up. No more Susanna Hoffs coming to Kendal Square.

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