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Hyde Park residents to finally get a chance to rent a bike locally

BTD reports that among the new rental stations planned by Bluebikes are several in Boston's southernmost neighborhood.

Sites that are a go include Hyde Park Avenue at Metropolitan Avenue, Hyde Park Avenue at Arlington Street, Hyde Park Avenue outside America's Food Basket, Cleary Square (through which Hyde Park Avenue runs) and the Hyde Park BPL branch. Also planned, but still needing final sign-off from property owners: The Shops at Riverwood on River Street, Ross Playground and Truman Parkway at Fairmount Avenue.

Via Hyde Park Main Streets.

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I am glad to see increased accessibility of bikes in HP. Unfortunately, there is more infrastructure needed. Hyde Park Ave really is terrible for cycling. I go out of my way to avoid it (hooking up through Rozzie Sq via Poplar) when going to JP from around the Myopia/West area. The ride past Sherrin Woods is always nice, though.

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given that Blue Bikes have been in Arlington, Everett, Revere, Salem, and other far-off places for a while.

Isn't the city the property owner for Ross Playground?

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The linked article says "permit pending Boston Parks and Recreation Department" for the Ross location.

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At one point, I had seen comments that there perhaps was a racial issue, which was odd as at the time places such as Mattapan and Roxbury did have bikes while West Roxbury did not. Then West Roxbury started getting Blue Bike stations. Nothing against West Roxbury getting the stations, but even I thought Hyde Park should have gotten them before West Roxbury did.

Of course, this was during the public comment period when people were asking why the likes of Franklin didn't have Blue Bike stations. There is definitely a reason for that.

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I've been pretty impressed at the number of people I see on Bluebikes. I'll be honest and say I wasn't sure the system would be popular enough to stick around at first.

Other cities have largely switched to electric rental bikes and scooters but Boston seems to be doing just fine with the same system. That's great.

The bikes have improved too.

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Given the largely flat terrain and compact size of the city pedal bikes imo work out pretty well. Unfortunately the roads connecting much of HP to the city are abysmal. Hyde Park Ave, Blue Hill Ave are jokes.

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Roxbury, Somerville, and Everett all have significant hills. (So does Arlington, but their BlueBikes docks are only in the flat areas.)

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Largely flat =/= completely flat in its entirety.

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