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The jumboest of the jumbo jets makes unexpected return to Boston

A380 on approach to Logan over South Boston

Tamas watched an Emirates A380 on its approach to Logan over East Boston Saturday afternoon. The jet was supposed to land in New York, but was diverted here due to the violent storms then roiling over the New York area.

As the Globe noted Saturday, in an article headlined Four years after Massport spent millions to accommodate A380s, the gigantic planes don’t fly here - and might not ever again, Massport spent $18 million on the special two-level jetways the skywhales need to disgorge all their passengers, and then the airlines that fly the things stopped flying them to Logan - two months before the pandemic hit here.

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"Logan is the most popular airport for planes diverted from JFK, said Ishihara, so even if regular service never returns, the secondary jet bridges on those three Terminal E gates could be deployed again."


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that's written within the...3 sentences in Adam's story...

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I was out in the harbor but must have been down below when this loomed overhead.

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Is an A380 bigger than a 747 Jumbo Jet; Whatever happened to those big flying hotels?

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