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Man with a history of exposing himself is arrested on a charge of exposing himself to girls on the T

Wayne McDonald

Transit Police report arresting Wayne MacDonald, a 62-year-old with several convictions for sex-related offenses dating to 1993, for exposing himself to several 14-year-old girls at the State Street Orange Line station on Tuesday.

MacDonald, who lists a St. Francis House apartment building on Boylston Street as his home, is a Level 3 sex offender, according to the state Sex Offender Registry Board, which says he was convicted five times between 1992 and 2000 for open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior and once in 2007 for dissemination of matter harmful to minors.

Police posted MacDonald's photos Friday. Friday night, a TPD officer spotted MacDonald, who was supposed to be wearing a court-ordered GPS device, at JFK/UMass and arrested him, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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Is it the thrill of exposing yourself to unsuspecting people ? Because I mean there’s tons of websites where you can pay to sign up and expose yourself to lots of people and it’s totally legal and everyone’s on the same page . I don’t get these people

They aren’t play acting.


Thats why I don't play their game. I look interested when they do it.

Many years ago I was riding the orange line later at night and this guy gets on the train. I'm the only person on the car, so he sits down across from me. He starts opening his legs, and I suddenly realize he has on hot-pants like shorts (VERY short). No underwear, and his large ding dong is hanging out.

So he's sitting there open and closing his legs and his dong is getting bigger and bigger. (I admit it's pretty big).

Obvious he's trying to get my attention, so I look up from my Metro and he looks and me and smiles and opens his legs. I think at that moment he was expecting a look of horror.

I pulled down the paper, smiled, and then licked my lips seductively. Then I said "I know a nice warm spot that would fit nicely into" (Keep in mind I am 5'7', 240lbs, and a dude)

I don't think he was expecting that kind of reply. He turned all shades of red, mumbled something about "not being a f*g", stuffed his sausage back into his shorts and got off at the next stop IN A HURRY.

Best Thing Ever., I laughed for weeks about that.


I strategically poured hot coffee from Dunkin’s on one hanging out in his convertible under a pedestrian bridge. It was his regular spot. Never saw him again after that.

Women and girls can't play the game...we wind up raped, beaten or dead...sometimes all 3.

You're assuming these people are violent. In Most cases, they aren't. They are just unwell and want to get a thrill. Most don't even want the act of sex. Their 'get off' is exposing themselves and the horror/shame/etc of doing so.

Sure it could escalate, but consider this guys age and he's been doing it for a long time and it hasn't escalated. (of course he's been caught)

You're also assuming that I was not at risk too. I could have had a gun or a knife pulled on me, and considering who I was as a person at the time, I probably could have only slapped back in defense (I've since learned self defense, unrelated), so I was at risk too.

But I just know enough to know these folks aren't usually violent. They are just pervs. Of course, proceed at your own safety & comfort level, but I'm not afraid to dish it back to them.

And it’s an old wives’ tale that these abusers don’t often go further in their pursuit of power.
That was also a terrible cliché for me to use!
I stand admonished by the previous commenter.
They were entirely right about not having the option to fight back.
I also saw the guy in the photos at Chinatown station about 10 days ago. He was looking antsy. Maybe he had his pants open. He was facing away from me half facing a woman about 15 feet away who was steadfastly ignoring him and who would have had to pass close by him to get over to where the rest of us passengers were waiting further up the platform. He was a big guy. She wouldn’t have had a chance if he went for her. The train came shortly after but the scene barely registered in my memory till I saw these pics. I wish I had been more attentive and helped her if he was exposing himself to her.

Women don't get to assume. But I will assume by your manslpainy response that you are a cis male and not a woman that has faced life long harassment and/or sexual assault.

You assume wrong about the previous poster.

... long long ago in his career as a police officer. At least way back then, his experience was the same as what you mention.

Bar registered sex offenders from riding the rails especially during school dismissals?


they're wearing their mask?

I can't imagine outside of restraining orders for specific and unique reasons that you could Constitutionally ban free citizens from utilizing a public service.

FYI this gets even creepier when you realize that there is a middle school right around the corner from JFK

Five convictions?! I’m usually against long prison sentences but why the hell was this pervert let out to sexually assault more people? Put this guy on the curb next garbage day.


Yeah, prison tends to do that to criminals but we keep going through the motions because creating a more effective system is, like, really hard, and who likes hard work? It's easier to pic random stats, like number of police, number of arrests, and brag about those than talking about the effectiveness of our system. I guess that's all considered "communism" now anyway.

So yeah, I too find it frustrating.

The guy clearly has a problem and we need to protect general society from him. But his address is the homeless shelter. Prison isn't the solution, nor is it cost effective but these guys can be housed somewhere, that they don't have to suffer but also, more people don't need to be victimized by his predilections.