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Missing South Boston chihuahua dead after well meaning bystander tries to chase after her and she runs into traffic

Boston Animal Control and Care is advising people to not try to chase potentially loose pets because they could bolt and wind up dead, as happened yesterday in South Boston to a chihuahua that had earlier been reported missing along Day Boulevard.

Yesterday we were called out regarding this stray chihuahua in South Boston. Unfortunately, before we arrived a by stander chased her in an attempt to catch her. She ran into the street and was hit by a car. She did not make it.

When you see a lost animal, DO NOT chase them. Call your local Animal Control and stand by until they arrive. When an animal becomes lost or separated from their owners, some will go into fight or flight mode. The person calling out to them or chasing them will not be seen as their owner or the good samaritan trying to help them, they will be seen as a threat. Chasing a scared animal only pushes them further away from the location they were lost, and even worse can result in situations like this.

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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and now with one chihuahua. Leash your dogs people.

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She had been reported missing. She wasn't off leash on purpose.

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Have some empathy. The dog was reported missing. So the next time a kid goes missing we should say "leash you kids people" or "you should have kept a better eye on them" or maybe "you really shouldn't have kids in the city."

Empathy is what is missing from this place...

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and some of them are paved with good intentions, but most of them are paved with bad ones. There are roads that go other places, too, and many of them are also paved with good intentions.

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Day Boulevard drivers are not to be trusted.

Poor little chihuahua.

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No Masshole is to be trusted, whether in a motor vehicle, on a bike, or on foot.

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A tiny little creature like a chihuahua runs in front of you car. You do understand the law of physics, no? It takes a while for a moving vehicle to stop, even under the best intentions.

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Ay Chihuahua

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