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New Tufts University building is flush with toilets, reviewer finds

But the plentiful restrooms at the Joyce Cummings Center don't have enough sinks and they are "extremely repetitive," the reviewer concludes.

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the chemistry building at Tufts was originally only designed with one restroom on each floor, for men.

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Cliffies (aka the female undergrads at Radcliffe) weren't even allowed into the building until 1964 and then only for specific classes. They finally let them in to use the library in 1966.

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Each bathroom has one fewer sink than toilets

I think that's mostly OK? People tend to spend longer using a toilet than a sink, so there should be more toilets than sinks.

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Ive never understood why there isnt a standard. Seems like an easy math problem to solve.

Ive been in bathrooms with 6 toilets/urinals and 2 sinks.

Ive been in bathrooms with 2 toilets/urinals and 4 sinks.

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Some places just put in a few extras if there is room and funds. People have a nicer experience at a place if they experience spacious, uncrowded, clean restrooms.


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but they could have included actually useful information as to the accessibility and gender-inclusivity of the various restrooms.

This is outdated now, but here's a map of all-gender restrooms and accessible restrooms at Tufts: https://students.tufts.edu/sites/default/files/genderNeutralRestrooms.pdf

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This piece made me think of something. I was a student at Boston Latin in 1972, the first year girls were admitted. Having previously been all boys, all the bathrooms were also for boys. This situation was remedied by scotch taping handwritten signs that said "girls" on a handful of the bathrooms. Problem solved!

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Some students certainly seem to have a lot of time on their hands.

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