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No, that riot guy didn't die by tasing himself in the genitals while ripping down a portrait of Tip O'Neill

Snopes, which Knows Things, reports Kevin Greeson of Alabama didn't even make it into the Capitol - he was outside when he simply keeled over and died of a heart attack. According to his wife:

Any claims that he “tasered his balls while stealing a painting” could not be “farther from the truth."

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could never find credible confirmation of it anywhere, so did not repeat it.

Trumpies' alternate reality is based on harebrained stories quoted from ridiculous sources that reinforce the insane, hateful things they would like to believe. Their whole world is founded on fairy tales that anyone with a cheap bullshit detector with fading batteries could spot a hundred yards away.

"The election was *rigged!*" Fuck you, assholes: you haven't a shred of credible evidence for that. "We don't care: we don't live in an evidence-based reality!"

It's useful to remember this whenever one is tempted to rebroadcast such a story, however juicily ironic. Stay in the world of verifiable facts from credible sources. Wield Occam's Razor righteously. Stand up for data, for science, for reality.


Of course the spouse would say that. I will choose to believe it until proven that it's fake news. And I will ignore any evidence presented.

Kinda like when you get hurt doing something stupid, like slipping on ice, and you desperately wish you had a more exciting story to tell, like you were nearing the top of El Cap, ran out of water hours ago, the sun had set, a storm was coming in, your climbing buddy was convulsing, and you just had a fall and whacked your leg.....


trampled to death by the mob" story is true. I think.


after seeing a picture of the guy posing with a bunch of guns, apparently having received some for Christmas. In the photo, there's a pair of handguns tucked into his belt, pointed at his crotch.

Here's the photo: https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2021/01/10/02/37741806-9129525-Kevin_Greeso...

(This *possibly* relates to a thing where some conservatives were trying to "trigger the libs" by posting pictures of themselves intentionally pointing handguns at their own crotches. One of them accidentally fired and blew a hole through his scrotum.)


Pizzagate has been claimed previously, how about Scrotgate?


Or is that already taken?


Long since--it's police slang in some places for what some of them do in court.


I think this is a situation where we need to consider the source.

If you're already labeled the wife of a moron who went in to the Capitol building armed, and died as a result, would you really want all of that PLUS it's because he took a taser to his boys?

His name was Kevin Greeson.
And he tased himself in his balls.

The source of the debunking comes from his wife ... who wasn't actually there? If I were a MAGAt whose MAGAt husband tased himself in the balls during an attempted coup, I too would claim it 'couldn't be farther from the truth'.

I will continue sharing memes and laughing at the traitor because that's what they deserve. There should be severe consequences for trying to subvert our democracy.

Yeah, tasers aren't accurate enough to hit such small targets.

We’ve all had a hell of a year, and I really wanted this to be true. I NEEDED this to be true. You don't get poetic irony like this very often, and this story was the best example I'd heard in years. Don’t do me like this, universe.


Snopes is most definitely part of the biased left-wing media because they verify stuff the Righties don't like. So if Snopes disconfirms the story, then the story must be true... but they don't want it to be true, so it must be a lie... but Snopes said it was a lie...


I've cited Snopes to refute a post and had the OP tell me that you can't trust Snopes.

It was founded by Democrats, you know, so that means that all the research they publish is obviously fake.

that fact-checking sites like Snopes are fake news.


While snopes makes an effort to be objective, there are less objective sites. The real objectivity is the part of the story where snopes tracks down the origin and shows their work. This is how Wikipedia works. You don't just rely on the text, you read the linked references and see for yourself.


Snopes is a libertarian.

It's not uncommon to play a little fast and loose when remembering the dearly departed, and if anyone deserves to remembered for being tase-your-own-ballsack stupid, it's these fascist losers.