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Patriots player sacks macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving

Don't invite Matthew Judon to dinner Thursday if you're planning on serving mac and cheese as a side.

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He’s dead to me.


Finally someone who agrees with me.


not only is he wrong, but lets be honest, most thanksgiving foods are bad.

Turkey? "meh" at best
sweet potato casserole? YUCK
green bean casserole? fart fuel

mashed potatoes and dinner rolls are good though.

the best thanksgiving dinner i ever had was a ribeye, mashed, mac & cheese, onion rings and rolls. Ruth's Chris.

You do you.

But will side with you on green-bean casserole.


My parents used to steam them, fry up some bacon, crumble it, and then stir fry the beans in some of the grease. Then they would toss in the bacon and some fried onions.

My son likes to make spicy stir fried garlic and chili beans to go with.

I decided at a very young age that cream of mushroom soup was an abomination. I haven't come near it since I left home myself.

apple & sweet potato casserole made with orange juice and maple syrup. Maybe some brown sugar too (depends on your sweet tooth). Stll remember the 1st time I had. I was stunned by the sheer deliciousness.

The marshmallow stuff? yeech.

I didn't realize the Patriots were so high-class. I'm sure my grandmother never would have approved of mac & cheese on Thanksgiving, but I'm the sort of crazy hippie anarchist who thinks people should mostly just eat what they like.


"The macaroni and cheese is more important than the turkey"

-African-American proverb


I hope not, at least in the case of the Judon family.

Macaroni and cheese seems to be a much more popular Thanksgiving side dish with southerners in general, and he is from Louisiana in addition to being black. So he's from prime macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving territory, and he is not happy about it.


as long as he keeps eating opposing quarterbacks for lunch i dont care what he has for sides.


Tell me yo mama can't cook without saying ya mama can't cook


He says "It's always the same," and he doesn't like it. He should find a different cook, or convince the one he's got to try some different recipes. There are lots of ways to make it, and they're not all the same.

Yeah, there's the cheap orange stuff, the creamy stuff, and the homemade baked kind with a crispy top. All three have their place in my opinion.

...you know how everybody is when it comes to holiday dishes. They don't want to change it one bit, or don't dare change it.

I once dared to change them....

and a near riot ensued. They were NOT thankful. Good way to avoid getting pressured to host T-day in the future!

I don't know how everybody is when it comes to holiday dishes. For my part, both my mom and my wife have tried different dishes and methods of preparing holiday meals. Before you jump in with more accusations, I am not saying that such experimentation is the norm, or widespread, or common, or whatever. I simply don't know how most people are. Are you certain that you do?

I say this with every intention of being kind. I'm gonna guess that you've been working too hard -- a lot of people have, and it shows in certain ways. It really isn't necessary to take every single "you know how people are" as some kind of intimate personal assault or authoritarian diktat. I hope you have a relaxing holiday weekend and come back refreshed and willing to let conversations proceed without the need to vigorously challenge every colloquial expression on its literal meaning.

Nobody asked him about mac and cheese. Some reporter at a press conference asked him an inane question about his favorite Thanksgiving sides and he just went off on poor mac and cheese. So he's been giving this matter some serious thought.


I’ve never liked mac and cheese. Every time I try it, it’s the same thing. It’s never going to change and it’s never going to get better.

He does not like the menu item period. I don't believe he can set aside his strongly biased position to make a decision on which sides belong on the Thanksgiving table.

There's certain traditional sides I don't care for, or do not rank high enough that I would miss them if they are served, but I still make them when I'm running the show because other people want them served. I think cranberry sauce is just silly and useless and I won't be putting any on my plate, but I still find myself able to serve it on Thursday.

Raw cranberry relish with orange zest, orange juice and some kind of sugar is actually good.
The canned jellied "sauce" is unappetizing and even the chunky sweet is lacking

You like you what you like, but there's so much that you may not have tried.

Sometimes you get turned off due to poor preparation, as well.

Mr. Newton, better clean out your refrigerator -- those grapes are SOUR!

He must be thinking of boxed dried out flavorless mini tubes of sad looking elbow pasta with orange powder cheese product that they give at food pantries. Must have never tried real homemade mac n cheese in his life.

I don't know what he's had for m&c, but a good one is hard to resist.

Years ago, I cooked one for my ski house, made with a roux and four cheeses. People were skeptical and tentative at first with visions of boxed m&c in their heads. They loved it and devoured it. OK, I admit, after a day of skiing and a few drinks, anything tastes good...

I've never seen one on T-day, though.

the field better than he does at the table.

Mac and cheese has never featured at my family’s Thanksgiving, but if a guest brought it, nobody would freak out.

(I’m partial to the America’s Test Kitchen recipe that uses evaporated milk. No chance of curdling, produces a lovely, silky sauce. Works in a stovetop pot or in the oven. Very and reliably nice.)

Life’s too short to spend the tiniest moment yucking somebody else’s yum.

Kenji from Serious Eats posted a good 3 ingredient, stovetop mac cheese recipe with evaporated milk. He may have "borrowed" it from ATK, which I've read he frequently does.

Both ATK and Kenji produce very reliable, well-researched recipes. I also like Alt-Lopez's debunking of kitchen myths, very Harold McGee. No, searing a steak won't "seal in its juices", for example.

I hope he picks his battles on the field better than he does at the table.

Rest assured, he's got it covered.

Damn but people are cranky lately! It was a tossoff comment in an interview, saying that you don't like something isn't "yucking someone else's yum", change the channel if it bothers you.

he's just having some fun.

(He is very fun to watch on the field, a much-needed addition this season.)