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Resident rescued by ladder from fire on Boylston Street in Jamaica Plain; turtles also saved

Firefighters at Boylston Street fire

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters used one of their ladder trucks to rescue a resident on a second-floor porch during a fire this morning at 20 Boylston St. in Jamaica Plain.

Being one of Boston’s original old beauties, finding way thru many personal collections, tight halls, many doors made this a best option.

The department reports four people and three turtles were displaced. The department adds:

Two large raccoons on roof will have to relocate on their own.

Damage was estimated at $500,000.

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Who didn't properly extinguish smoking materials? Turtles or the raccoons?

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onelith: Extraordinarily poor taste on your part, to say nothing of a non-evidentially-based comment since I don't find it stated that smoking was the cause of the fire.

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The street address is incorrect - it was at #20 Boylston Street. #24 was unharmed (and all turtles, raccoons, and humans are secure).

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Address corrected.

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The couple who lives here also raises mushrooms-- gourmet and alternative-medicinal-- and are generous gardeners. Just great neighbors & fun people. I wasn't on Boylston today so I had no idea this happened, but hope the damage is reparable.

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Euphemism for a hoard?

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The attic window frame had no window in it for at least 10 years. I figured the house would be condemned eventually.

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