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The rising sun over South Boston every day

May 06, 2021 - 4-way Day View From Dorchester Heights

It turns out the National Park Service has cameras perched atop several historic sites in Boston, including the Dorchester Heights Monument in South Boston. Kevin has been grabbing views from the Dorchester Heights camera and stitching them together for cool time-lapse videos.

He reports it's all done via a Raspberry Pi 4, FFmpeg software and some Python code to stitch everything together.

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Thanks for the post!! Hope at least a few people enjoy it! I learned a lot making this and also was extremely frustrated at times. Really cool to see how a day rolls by in Southie.

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Ffmpeg and some scripts are also how the 4 directions are stitched into a 360 view to begin with.

Thrilled to learn these monuments and their views inspire others in ways far beyond what the original builders of these monuments could have ever imagined.

Hope you keep it up!

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Makes you realize we are a small part of a great big world!

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