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The secret Backup of Shame ramp in the North End for truckers who nearly storrow at the Callahan

Truck being backed out of the Callahan entrance onto North Street

Finn witnessed one of the rarest of Boston sights this afternoon: Somebody actually using the normally blocked ramp down from North and Cross streets down to the Callahan Tunnel, across from the old Tunnel Administration building.

In this case, state troopers carefully directed the driver of a pituitary-case 18-wheeler back up from the tunnel ramp to the street, because the way forward would have meant either peeling the entire top of the truck back or getting jammed in at the entrance, which would be nobody's idea of fun.

Although nowhere near as common as storrowings on, well, Storrow Drive, this sort of thing is not unknown at that spot.


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I think I used it once for realsies when it wasn't blocked. Tough merge.

used until the Big Dig moved it up towards Haymarket Square.


It was multiple lanes wide funneling down to two lanes if I remember correctly.

This is just the remnant of the side of that funnel.


A tunnel funnel?

Saw the cruiser lights when I was out earlier at Cirace's. Always nice to find out what was going on

Looks like Google Street View doesn't either, but you can sort of see it here, on the right: https://goo.gl/maps/mEGQhwEQVGCWd34KA

So the driver was already going through tunnels before this point, and then decided to stop before going under this next one... I wonder what changed their mind.

Callahan Tunnel clearance is 12’6”, O’Neill clearance is 13’6”.