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Shuttle buses become essential when the Red Line dies at Central

The MBTA says it's running shuttle buses between Harvard and Park due to an unspecified "power problem" at Central.

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Over the weekend I saw a bunch of "Ride the T" messages displayed on electronic billboards over 93. Seems to me the money would be better spent making sure the system is maintained enough that the red line doesn't fail (checks uhub for current numbers) multiple times a week. But what do I know?


But, do you really think it costs that much to show a "Ride the T" message on those billboards? They're already built, so you're just paying for the electricity costs and for someone to type the message into the system.


I can accept that trains break down sometimes, and I'm familiar with the basic shuttle bus routine. But we shouldn't have been standing near the turnstiles at Harvard, waiting for the MBTA employee to find out where the shuttle buses would be.

I was also in the position of telling a fellow passenger on the shuttle bus that I thought it would make the usual red line stops--but that was based on having done this before, not anything the MBTA told us.

I built an extra half hour into my travel plans today, and thus arrived at 2:27 for a 2:30 appointment.