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Some major storrowing action on 93 south in Medford

Truck is wedged in real good - and looks like it dented the bridge, which is not something you usually see in your more mundane storrowings involving box trucks. State Police advise:

Roosevelt Circle (Route 28 over Route 93) is closed. Avoid this area for the remainder of evening.

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For the first time I can remember it looks like the truck load won and the bridge looks more damaged than the load.

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This was one of the rusted hulks that got replaced in a dozen NOISY weekends in 2011.

Had it not, there would have been fatalities.

Note that this overpass is compliant with interstate highway standards - some jackass forgot their tape measure this morning.

And since it is an "oversize load", shouldn't it have had a flag vehicle? Naw, the Staties have made it clear that anyone hit by an illegal oversized load without a flag car is at fault for being murdered, not the shitty driver or reckless trucking company. Heck, the staties even make things up on the spot to blame the victim!

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The only bridges that got replaced are ones that carry 93 traffic.

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I stand corrected.

Roosevelt circle was closed for couple of weekends during the shut downs to work on those overpasses even if they were not replaced. I assumed that they were part of the giant crunching noises that commenced every Friday night at 8pm sharp. I had detour around them when they were closed (my son's gf at the time lived on the other side of the circle and he couldn't bike there when it was ripped up).

They are the same vintage as the I-93 ones that were replaced, and they were repaved at that time. Probably stripped and inspected while the disruption was already ongoing.

If you lived through it, the construction disruptions, epic noise, and closures all blurred together.

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Send the bridge repair bill to the driver and terminate their license.

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As it were.

Where was the flag car?

Why wasn't the load measured and the route planned out?

The trucking company that slapped up an oversize load banner, failed to measure the height, and waved the driver on bears enormous responsibility here, too.

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since Route 28 is the alternative to I-93 through the Fells, but you have to go through Roosevelt Circle to get onto 28.

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They managed to Storrow the Roosevelt Circle Bridge, not the Fellsway. So if they needed to shut down 93 for repairs, they could just route traffic up the ramp, around the right side of the circle, and back down the ramp onto 93.

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Oh joy

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The right two lanes are still closed as of this morning while they are working on it. Heading north at 6am and southbound was gridlocked all the way up to 95.

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