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Stop us if you've heard this before: Dorchester Day parade canceled

The Dorchester Day Parade Committee announced today that, for the second year in a row, it's canceled the June parade down Dot Ave. due to Covid-19.




Suffolk Country will be one giant smoking crater afterwards. I'm already contingency planning for that many Dot rats with that much pent-up party energy.

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No, the idiot brigade will have destroyed Southie first, on March 17, plus whatever happens for the Marathon.
By DOT Day, some of the pent-up energy will have been burned off, AND Dorchester Ave will be an armed camp of enforcement.
news flash: other than OFDs, not much of the region remembers or cares about Dorchester Day.

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That celebrates the neighborhood and not a regional parade.
Caribbean Parade is regional.
But no denying the Dot Day parade has slimmed down over the years.

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I think most people skip the parade and have yard parties.

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Just sititng here remembering about this time last year when I started clearing everything off my calendar one thing at a time...I thought I'd developed a scar tissue over those memories but I guess not

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come October.

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