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Truck folds like a house of cards

Destroyed box truck on Soldiers Field Road

Joe Kidston captured this fine storrowing this afternoon on Soldiers Field Road near the Harvard Business School.




Feels like the last few trucks to get storrowed have been empty, which I guess is good all things considered.


If the sign before entering Storrow Dr. Underpass say's 13 feet high and you know your truck is 15 feet high.. Do the math.. All those choosing to ignore the sign should get heavily fined...Make examples out of them before something tragic happens and he woulda coulda shoulda' comes out


Destroying your truck is a pretty large punishment. If that isn’t a deterrent, neither is a larger fine.

Nobody “decides” to do this. If it happens, it proves the signs were ineffective.

One would have to be totally blind not to see the signs that say "13' only". The fact that this "storrowing" goes on so frequently is absolutely and totally asinine.

I know.
One less problem.
At the same time... I find myself wishing the next truck to be full of tennis balls, or Energizer bunnies (batteries included), or personal-use type rubber vibrators (batteries included) - that a storrowing would loose upon our fair shitty.
I'm no asking for bread and circuses, damnit, but a little entertainment value once in a while would be diverting.


Wasn't there a time a box truck full of scissors got storrowed, and the spilled cargo caused like 50 flat tires? But maybe that's just an urban legend.

How else are businesses supposed to take delivery of [counts] twelve pieces of lumber??


I say that myself every time a Dunkin Donuts 18 wheeler delivers 2 racks of crullers to the corner of Washington and Essex.


My favorite thing about storrowing is the utter complacency. Obviously what we are doing now—posting signage and hope people pay attention—isn’t working and no one cares enough to find alternative solutions.

This is very much like Boston’s version of the Springfield Tire Fire in the Simpsons. Sure, something could be done about it, but we’re just going to accept this as a mundane fact of local life.


We can’t save idiots from themselves. I have rented tall trucks and RVs. I used to drive a full size van. They come with tons of warnings, and have how tall they are posted all over. Even parking garages have a thing to hit the top of your car if it’s too tall (over 6’ 3 or 6’7”, usually) as a warning. Yet people get stuck. Roads have many height signs. It’s well known which routes can’t be taken due to flammability or height restrictions. In order to have a problem, you have to actively ignore all information, as if it didn’t apply to you. I’ve seen trucks go under swinging signs that hit your roof, warning that if it hits, you will get stuck, and they STILL get stuck.


Quick, someone make the red and yellow signs and put them up all over WR and Rosy:

Save Storrow Drive
Save Storrow Drive
Stop the road diet

I’m just kidding. Centre Street needs bike lanes to piss off the locals and Storrow Drive needs low bridges to amuse the locals.

This person should never drive, ever again. Lifetime revocation of driver's license. Turn it in.

All possible "solutions" are so absurd/unworkable/expensive that they lead any and all discussion toward closing Storrow Drive and reverting it to better waterfront land use and travel.

And we cannot possibly have that.


Storrow Drive is an important arterial road. With respect, saying "Oh, let's solve the problems by totally shutting it down and let the traffic fend for itself" is the totally unworkable solution here.

Perhaps instead of trying to find "creative" solutions to the Storrowing problem, it would behoove the powers to be to put up well placed and properly sized signs far enough in advance of the hazards on the highway, and far enough in advance of the entrance ramps on local streets so trucks know not to enter the highway BEFORE they're either turning onto the ramp or entering from the ramp.

But some people would consider that aesthetically unpleasing, so we can't have that, can we?


It never should have been there AND it will be either underwater or subsiding or both in a decade or two.

There is no way to make Storrow safe, and absolutely no way to make it truck safe. We need to stop throwing good money in a stupid hole and return this to service as a flood buffer.

My guess: if you shut down Storrow tomorrow the outcome would be that in a month no one driving would notice. People would find different routes, modes and times. The world would go on.

Does the same apply to closing a T line?

How about closing a bike path? Or removing sidewalks?

Be sure not to provide any alternative, since you didn’t suggest any improvements, for car-free modes nor cars, in your proposal to close Storrow.

There is no way to make Storrow safe, and absolutely no way to make it truck safe.

Let's try this: At the entrance to the road, build an impervious barrier the lowest height of any obstacle on Storrow. This barrier should be angled sharply to the right, and there should be an empty area, maybe filled with a gravel bed, on the right. Over-height trucks would be shunted off into the empty area, where they would be stopped by the gravel. True, this would not make Storrow safe for trucks, but it would be safe from trucks.


No one gets hurt, right? We just have to peel the occasional truck off the road and/or bridge, there's a bit of gawking, we get back to what we were doing.

Can't fix what ain't broke.

This is obviously some new definition of the word "fun" with which I was not previously familiar.


I love when the top crumples off. Reminds me of the tins of sardines my grandpa used to roll open for sardines on toast.


…hear the sound of it happening.


If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards.