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When sheep kill

NBC Boston reports a sheep at a Bolton farm killed a volunteer by ramming her repeatedly.

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"Killer Sheep from Mars" I think that was a movie.

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Seriously. They're surprisingly dangerous given their docile image.

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We had sheep growing up. While intact males are aggressive, sheep aren't assholes. They are dumb. I mean like really dumb. And that in combination with how big they are can occasionally cause issues, but if sheep were really assholes there'd be warning signs by their enclosures, similar to the ones for bulls.

Also, sheep love saltines.

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Our landlords had one when we lived in the far suburbs. It would batter down the fence on a regular basis.

The pig found that disgusting - just learn to unlatch the gate already, like he had!

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That's actually a terribly sad story.

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From https://boston.cbslocal.com/2021/12/06/kim-taylor-volunteer-killed-sheep... :

"Cultivate Care focuses on animal therapy. It described the sheep involved as a comfort animal."

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why it's called "ramming".

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