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All diseases skillfully treated

Bunting on a building in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this image (which has the street name blacked out). See it larger.


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24-28 Tremont Row at Scollay Square


Imagine wearing all of those layers of clothing on the street a day like today.


Ive been on a Little House on the Prairie kick lately and I've read a few of the show's stars autobiography's (currently working thru Melissa Gilbert's 2nd book)

They all said the same thing.. that clothing is HOT. And a few of them collapsed from the heat.

That show kept pretty on-target with apparel from that era.. undergarments, petty coats, and all.

and it being filmed in the Valley (along with remotes at Old Tuscon), its H O T on that set.

And keep in mind the minute a persons scene was over for the day... off to wardrobe to get out of that hot outfit. They weren't wearing these outfits all day, every day like you actually did back then.


Did some reenacting on summer weekends when I was younger. Early 1800s, during summers in the mid-Atlantic.

You definitely sweat...a lot. So some source of water is a must. But once you sweat into the undergarment, any breeze becomes your friend and you turn into a walking swamp cooler. Finding shade helps take the edge off during the height of the day.

One of my favorite films.

peg leg?

hare lip

Thanks for playing, folks! This photo shows 22-28 Tremont Row in Scollay Square. Date is 1985. You can see a high res version of the photo here: https://cityofboston.access.preservica.com/uncategorized/IO_1a54ae85-979...


Frustratingly, I was uncharacteristically able to figure out where this was, and yet the street itself is gone, not just the building. No way to get a now image to contrast with 1895. :(

I found the place pretty easily but the street is what threw me off.. Its too close to be state street. Unless that part of Tremont was renumbered at some point.