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Another vaccine-denying nurse sues Boston Medical Center for firing her over the Covid-19 shots she refused

A former staff nurse at Boston Medical Center who believes Covid-19 vaccines are an affront to her God-given immune system and were grown out of the remains of aborted fetuses today sued Boston Medical Center for firing her in October for refusing to get the shots.

Allison Cyr is the third former BMC nurse in two weeks to sue in US District Court in Boston over their shot-related firings. Like the other two nurses, Allison Cyr claims the hospital discriminated against her religion by refusing to grant her an exemption.

All three are represented by the same Amherst attorney, who, unlike the attorney representing shot-rejecting Mass General Brigham employees, is bringing individual suits for each worker rather than filing a single class-action case. He also represents a Children's Hospital technician and three state workers who have filed similar suits.

In her hospital exemption request, filed with her complaint, Cyr said she is a member of True Hope Ministry of San Clemente, CA, from which Pastor David Hall submitted a statement on why vaccines - and even just Covid-19 tests and masks - are "an affront" to true Christians.

[I]t is an affront to a Christian to inject the body with a man-made substance in an effort to "improve" the immune system - whereas God has already created the body with mechanisms to ward off disease.

We as believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior believe in the tenets of the Holy Scruptures which state we are made in the image of God and we are image-bearers of God. We will be called into account for all we do - including what we do to our bodies! To be forced to do something which violates our beliefs is to sin against God.

Hall then goes on to say that Covid-19 vaccines are different from other shots a believer might have gotten because " many of these vaccines have been cultured in aborted fetal tissue and carry the DNA of a male aborted baby." However, he does not address how the leader of the Catholic church, who also opposes abortion, urged his followers to get vaccinated.

In addition to her state religious beliefs, Cyr also refused the shots because:

I am also breastfeeding my 6 month old daughter. We will also be trying for another baby soon. I will not expose my child or myself to a vaccine that has not been completely FDA approved or has had long term testing on breastfeeding moms or pregnant women.

As do all the other lawsuits filed by Peter Vickery, Cyr's complaint alleges the vaccines don't really work anyway.

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You still think it slowed the spread and keeps people from getting Covid.

Im boosted and have had Covid twice.

Honest question, how many shot have you had at this point, 12?


And I've come down with Covid like 9,000 times, bwahaha.

No, the shot doesn't grant you 100% immunity. Yes, we all know that. Some of us also know that it does reduce the severity of illness for most people and reduces the odds of spreading the disease, and both of those facts are worth it to those of us who aren't sociopaths who don't give a shit about anybody else.

Ed. note: OK, I've gotten the original two shots, didn't get a booster after that, then got one of the new bivalent shots. Have yet to get Covid, but that's what living a hermit's life'll do for you.


Maybe ask this women how she survived not getting a vaccine? Shouldn't she be dead, at least that what you make it sound like.

Give people their fucking jobs back and move on. Boston has a huge shortage of medical staff which is hurting all of us more than someone not being vaccinated.

ICU's are filling up and it not COVID related!

But you dont actually care about public health, you're part a bizarre set of people still obsessed with COVID, masks and boosters.


Good for her.

As for being obsessed, I'm not the one who's suing somebody here.

People are still contracting Covid and dying from it, too, if not, fortunately, anywhere near the rates of a year ago. Gosh, what might have helped bring down the death rates?


I would not want to be in the hospital attended by any medical staff that are incapable of understanding science. The scientific method is not a religion, it is a practice and if you don't subscribe to the scientific method, you don't deserve to work in a field where that is a requirement.



But you dont actually care about public health, you're part a bizarre set of people still obsessed with COVID, masks and boosters.

Whats the end game there if thats true? Like do tell us, if its not for public health reasons, why oh why are people championing the benefits of masks, boosters and other measures?


They work in healthcare but make it clear that their religious beliefs means that they won't follow well-established prevention and testing techniques. That disqualifies them from the job, plain and simple.

Just like a devout Muslim or Jew can skip the career working at a pork processing plant these people can find a job better suited to their belief system.


The fool or the fool who follow the fool?

You are a following fool. Either learn to read epidemiological information or shut up while those who understand it are talking.


The point of the vaccine was never to prevent you from getting COVID-19 - it was to prevent you from DYING of COVID-19.

Until you get that basic fact straight you will not be able to discuss this rationally.


Seatbelts don't keep you from crashing your car, they just make it a lot less likely you'll die if and when you do.

But that makes me inevitably think that maybe we shouldn't have forced the dumbest dumbasses to wear seatbelts 30 years ago, let nature take its course, and we might not be in this mess.


The vaccine didn't keep me from getting sick, true. It kept me from dying or needing to be hospitalized last yea. Instead, I had what felt like the worst cold of my life, and ate an awful lot of soup and Italian ices (thank you, local convenience store!). Yeah, I wish I hadn't been sick at all--but I'm alive and well, and that is priceless

For you who claim that the vaccine is unnecessary because God made our bodies and immune system perfect: have you never been seriously ill, despite that immune system? Did you know that diseases including multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis are the immune system going wrong?


"many of these vaccines have been cultured in aborted fetal tissue and carry the DNA of a male aborted baby."

So I guess it would be ok if it were the DNA of a female baby?


Of course it would.


The issue is not, is she a bad Christian for not following the leader of the Catholic church, or for inconstancies in her belief. The question is, does the law allow for religious exemptions for private employement vaxination requirements.

You are free to disagree with her choices (I do) but picking apart her religious beliefs as a way to undermind her argument is a distraction to the central issue and is kinda cheap shot against religious individuals.


In regards to the statements I posted is not her religious beliefs but to Pastor Hall's belief that he speaks for all good Christians. That's why I put that line in there.

Yes, she is free to practice her religion (if not anywhere near me, at least not in any medical situation).


Claiming a religious belief simply because a person says it is, is the same as calling one's self a doctor or lawyer just because a person says so. Oh no, that is not true. To hang a shingle on the door and claim to be a doctor or lawyer requires at the last licensing and ideally some level of education that goes beyond having read An Idiot's Guide to Lawyering or Doctoring.

The claim to religious exemption announces that the individual is a sincere and genuine follower of an authentic religion. But what answers those two questions? What proves since and genuine belief and what is an authentic religion? Was Heaven's Gate an authentic religion? What about Moonies?

Neither courts nor legislatures are qualified to answer those questions. Because as soon as either passes a law or interpretation that action violates the foundation of keeping religion separate from government.

In the case of hospital the only people qualified to decide whether a vaccination is required are the actual experts. The doctors and scientists who have earned the right to make these decisions.

But if we must kowtow to the whines of religiosity then there have to be definitions. Because again, if the religious exemption card is played then what is exempted? Courts and legislatures have to make those decisions. And in that case what is the difference between religious exemption from a vaccination and religious exemption from prosecution for murder? Both are based on religious exemptions.

Finally, like the woman who claimed an ostrich was her emotional support animal for riding a jet, willy nilly religious exemption claims make religious adherents who are genuine fools and mocked. They are lumped in with the folks who will use ANY excuse to get their way. Folks such as the former narcissist in chief, his flunkies such as Jerry Falwell II and the obscure preachers who advocate killing gays and anyone else they dislike.


Belongs to the Church of Universal Wisdom, where if you click a button that says, "I believe" and then pay a $100 membership fee and $38 processing fee (wtf?), you're an affirmed believer.


That a uterus-bearing female who receives a sperm deposit into her naughty bits, is in fact, being injected with a man-made substance in an effort to "improve" an immune system (i.e., fertilize an egg, create/improve an immune system) for a new human being (because we all know that sex is only intended for purposes of procreation and all that).

"For that matter, all masturbatory emissions, where his sperm was clearly not seeking an egg, could be termed reckless abandonment."


"Every sperm is sacred"


Being injected with immunity altering DNA.

Because any and all pregnancies muck with the immune system - they have to!

[I]t is an affront to a Christian to inject the body with a man-made substance in an effort to "improve" the immune system - whereas God has already created the body with mechanisms to ward off disease.

Why haven't I seen these people waving signs at the Flintstones chewable vitamin factory yet?


Well because, see, Jesus rode a brontosaurus to survive the great flood and so if the gloves don't fit you must admit, he was a heckofa guy, that Brownie.


When a boy virus and a girl virus love each other very much....


[I]t is an affront to a Christian to inject the body with a man-made substance in an effort to "improve" the immune system - whereas God has already created the body with mechanisms to ward off disease.

… you’re a nurse. Your job is to add man-made substances to God’s children’s bodies (or whatever). This isn’t some nutso Christian hospital where the only treatment is prayer, it’s chemo and surgery and magnetic imaging and shit. In short, your religious beliefs don’t stand up to the slightest bit of examination.