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Boston picks Somerville school superintendent who lives in Dorchester as new BPS superintendent

Mary Skipper

The Boston School Committee today picked Mary Skipper, who worked in BPS before becoming school superintendent in Somerville, to replace Brenda Cassellius, whose tenure ends tomorrow.

The next move is up to Skipper, who must decide whether to formally accept the Boston job, after which she and the School Committee would negotiate her salary and starting date.

"Her knowledge and relationships from serving at every level in BPS–as a classroom teacher, school leader, and longtime district administrator–and as a successful superintendent in the area, will supercharge our work," Mayor Wu said.

Skipper, who has been Somerville superintendent for seven years, taking over after having served as network superintendent of high schools in BPS, a post in which she oversaw 34 Boston high schools.

In 2002, she was the founding headmaster of TechBoston Academy.

"This is a pivotal time in Boston and BPS’ history, and nothing less than our student’s and our City’s future is at stake," Skipper said in a statement. "I look forward to working with our families, educators, community leaders and our students to ensure every BPS student has the opportunity for a great education that sets them up for success in school and in life."

Drew Echelson will serve as acting superintendent after tomorrow until Skipper begins work.

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‘Cause you gonna be run outta town. Best of luck to ya.

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What do you suppose her next career is going to be?

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Her name literally means happily truant!1. A terrible role model for students smdh

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We need to be concerned if she names a deputy named Gilligan.

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Best of luck to her, and I hope she can make a difference. But it's gonna be an uphill battle.

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Because it should read "nothing less than our students' and our City’s future is at stake"

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