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Citizen complaint of the day: How dare somebody tell me my dog shouldn't dig up this freshly reseeded ground

Handmade sign that asks people to stay off reseeded land at North End park

An irate citizen filed a 311 complaint to ask that the city immediately remove some handmade signs at DeFilippo Playground in the North End that ask people to keep their dogs off a reseeded and replanted garden area:

Please remove these signs. They group who decided they "own" this park cannot dictate who uses a public space.

The city declined to spring into action: "Not a code enforcement violation."


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Instead of complaining, it’d be nice if this dog owner could volunteer to help maintain the local park he uses…


Where the locals let their pets relieve themselves on public basketball courts, etc... when people are actually playing on such courts. Trashy mf's...


In what neighborhood do dog owners NOT do this??


Where the new Roslindale shits all over the field on a daily basis.


It’s always “no he doesn’t bite” immediately after he did in fact bite you.




Politely asking that people help protect a small space while seeds and plantings have time to take hold is not "dictating who uses a public space". Sheesh!


...that dog waste is not a "good fertilizer" as some dog owners claim.


The people who claimed wearing a mask to prevent the spread of a deadly disease must've found something new to be aggrieved about.




What on earth makes you think that people who insist that masks help prevent COVID-19 are more likely to insist that their dogs can run roughshod over parks? If anything, the fact that mask-wearers are thinking of others makes this less likely.

Also, there are any number of studies that show that mask-wearing does help prevent the disease in both the wearers and the people around them.


I suspect he meant the opposite of what he wrote.


It's a relief that it's typing mistake.

Next time, if it's not Anon, I'll check the writer's other replies first before replying.

…to have a neighborhood garden, AND THeRE IS A DOG PARK STEPS AWAY!!!! Actually contiguous to this park!
Why must some dog owners decide it’s okay to wreck efforts to beautify a neighborhood so they can let their dogs piss wherever they want?
How about actually curbing dog, not just having them pee in any bit of green.


Why do that when someone else will clean it up eventually.

^^^ Today's attitude in society. "why should I do something, someone else will clean it up"


Like asking the city to remove a tiny sign that anyone can remove with almost no effort!

When did it become acceptable behavior for dog owners to let their dogs go to the bathroom wherever they want? I see this all the time where dog owners will just let their dog do their business in someone's yard. This happens in my own neighborhood where folks let their dog go into my yard to piss or poop. When did this become ok to do? Someone recently came far into my yard to let his dog shit. Yes he cleaned it up but seriously. And for the record I am a dog owner.


If a dog has to shit, can you stop it?

Even as a responsible dog owner myself (who routinely steps in dogshit on the Comm Ave mall), and I have been unable to reliably train my dog to poop on command.

I don't see any seed. I am not disputing this complaint. The sign is very reasonable, but it is not enough. The birds have eaten all the seed. You need to use that sticky stuff or put a net over it to grow grass. And a garden needs a fence. even a decorative one.


And a garden needs a fence. even a decorative one.

It doesn't. If people (and dogs) won't respect the space, a decorative fence won't make a difference.

you can't sprinkle seeds on impacted toxic dirt and expect something to grow.

Do you know this park, then? As in, you know that it's impacted toxic dirt?

All that burlap and stuff is great, but I've successfully grown grass without it. On "impacted toxic dirt" I wouldn't want to try it, but with anything less, grass is surprisingly tough in my experience.

There is a picture. Look at it. There is an address. think about it.

OK boss.

I am not trying to hurt your feelings but the North End is not a some 50 year old suburb. It was been industrialized for 300-400 years. Grass is very tough, but that is a picture of gray bare dirt scattered with what looks like mostly weeds.

Really, it's ok.

It's a little surprising that none of you got the point.
The problem is some self-appointed person putting up their own signs trying to regulate public space to their own standard (a standard which might be objectively correct or might be complete bullshit, but it's not their place to mandate it). Leads to chaos and conflict.
I'll throw some fresh meat in the shark tank for some of you: Imagine on-street parking and the space saver mentality. Imagine someone goes out in front of their house where the sign at the kerb says RESIDENT PARKING 6 PM - 8 AM and they add their own little sign reserving that spot to their address. NOW do you understand?

That's an apple. This is about oranges.