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Citizen complaint of the day: Is it energy scamming season already?

A peeved citizen files a 311 complaint about annoying energy scammers on Melvin Avenue in Brighton:

Clean energy "salesman" harassing myself and neighbors. They are calling the intercom multiple times a day, demanding entry, demanding to see energy bill, sneaking in security door and knocking on people's doors.

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We had one at our door.
They are super annoying and they lie when you ask them where they're from, he said they work WITH Eversource..
The husband likes to screw with them and waste their time, I just say not interested.... 15 times

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feel free to close the door in their face.

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one told me that they worked for the federal governmet. i was like: why would barack obama send 1,000's of humans to read electric bills. cant they get my costs from the company ?

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Buzzed my door on Saturday. Said he was with the "electric company to do some work for the meter in the building". Yeah, sure. I told him he'd need to speak with the management company. Also listed to make sure no one else buzzed him in. In the past I've had to threaten to call the cops, but this one seemed to have wandered off before we go there.


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If this guy's as much of a go-getter as it seems, he could probably do quite well at a legitimate company - they're pretty much all hiring.

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If these alternate suppliers were actually cheaper, it would be an easy sale. "Hey, we'll save you ten bucks a month!" But instead, they have to resort to all this subterfuge (and straight out lies) to try to trick people into buying. When every business in the state is looking for workers, you'd think these people would pick a better job, instead of one where they have to sneak around and lie all day.

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They are probably paid per account. No real incentive to be nice if it's effectively a smash and grab (account info) operation.

I have seen a van pull up in our area (not recently) and seeing a number of "salesmen" fan out door to door.

I wouldn't be surprised if they rooted through the trash bins for account info.

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In part because I spent about 20 years working for a small business in a highly competitive field (copying & quick printing) the idea of keeping financial records secure was ingrained in me. The owner of the company was SUPER paranoid about disposal of anything showing client information, etc. So when my dad brought home a used shredder that someone had thrown out, we started shredding all our old bills, bank statements, credit card offers, etc. The only mail that goes into our trash is catalogs and the old supermarket circulars.

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If it's got a name/address/account number on it then it gets shredded.

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It must be fairly high to get people to even take this job. This makes the job driving an MBTA bus for $15 and change seem very appealing by comparison.

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