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Citizen complaint of the day: Police can't collar loose goose

Goose at police headquarters

Earlier this week, a concerned citizen, or perhaps, a concerned member of the local constabulary, filed a 311 complaint about a mean goose parking itself on the Southwest Corridor side of Boston Police headquarters in Roxbury:

Evil goose on the loose

This morning, though, a less goose-averse citizen filed a 311 response:

This is NOT an evil goose. He is watching over his mate who is nesting in the area. Please do not bother them in the habitat.


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Why does he think it's evil? Because it just sat there staring at the stick the person thew at it?Willing to wager this person labels all pitbulls as evil. Bets on!

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I have come in contact with this particular Goose at this exact location. He is in fact defending his family but he is in fact evil as well! He will attack unprovoked in full force with no warning. I'm an animal lover but this goose is something different.

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Hissing, wing flapping, "biting" or hard pokes may be intimidating, but you conflate your ignorance with moralistic judgement and some anthropomorphic fantasy.

Oh. Wait. That goose just hates you. Nobody else. You.

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It is in a public place where children play & someone can get hurt. I am quite aware that this is their world and we just live in it. Judging without out facts just goes to show how ignorant you are. I would deal with an angry goose than a judgemental fool any day. Atleast its attack has purpose! Have yourself the kind of you deserve!!

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That goose is probably a better person than all of us.

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You don't know geese, do you?

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Do they scare you?

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Only question should be, is it tasty?

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The breast meat is somewhat gamey, but still quite good. Leg and other meat may taste too strong except for pets.

Don't worry. You'll get used to it within the next 5 years as other protein sources become too expensive or unobtainable.

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