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Coyotes follow the Brookline path blazed by the turkeys

Greg Hunt lives in one of the more urbanized parts of Brookline, up near Packards Corner, and so was a bit surprised to look out his rear window this morning to see a coyote:

Bolted across our yard, got stuck at the far fence and quickly left the way it came (hopping a 3’ fence).

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they're around about everywhere. I saw one near Harvard Square not too long ago.

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Brookline had a notable population of coyotes a few years ago, then they disappeared -- and so blossomed our population of rabbit, squirrel, chipmunk, rats, and other rodents. My hunch is that a few coyotes will help check the population of some of the other critters.

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We’ve had a rather large one visit our street a few times nearish Roslindale Square.

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If only he had wings.

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