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Developers propose 111 apartments in two buildings next to orthodox cathedral on Park Drive

A pair of developers and the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral say they will soon file detailed plans for two seven-story residential buildings on part of the church's 1.4 acres of land at 165 Park Dr. in the Fenway - and that the project will include "important repairs" to the cathedral.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA yesterday, developers Peter Spellios and Jon Lubitz say "a significant portion" of the 111 apartments would be rented as affordable - they said they are looking at grants and other programs that would let them provide more than the 13% of units the city requires to be affordable.

Their letter says the buildings would go next to the cathedral, which was completed in 1960 as a synthesis of "traditional Russian ecclesiastic architectural forms (cruciform, barrel vaults) with the motifs of New England ship design."

165 Park Dr. filings and schedule.

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That “more than 13% affordable” needs to be 33%.

Mayor Wu and the BPDA (Boston Redevelopment Agency) need to work with the City Councilors to raise the required inclusionary units ASAP. Voluntary afford housing allotments by developers such as Harvard in Allston is too unreliable.

Glad the biotech labs mania with state tax credits isn’t being proposed for this site across from the Clemente Playing Fields!

We need an investigation!

You can request your property be blurred out on Google

...presumably you would have to have a good reason for removing a publicly visible space from a publicly visible website.

Works the same way with license plates.

Bing has a similar service and here is THEIR photo. Nothing suspicious that I can see.


Scroll down the street and look back at it, unblurred. It's a parking lot.

... how often is it used? Always felt like a weird location.

Similarly, is St. Cecilia's the main Catholic Church for that part of the city? It always stuck me as an odd location.

The Mission Basilica (Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help) is roughly 3000 feet away. St Anne's parish (former St Anne's church is on St Stephen's St behind Symphony Hall) and served most of the Fenway area colleges was merged into St C's in 2004, though some had/have their own collegiate Catholic chaplaincies.

Saint Clement's on Boylston Street (near Berklee) is about the same distance to that 165 Park address as Mission, and a few hundred feet closer than Saint Cecilia's - but might be considered more of a shrine than a "regular parish" and probably opened after Saint Cecilia's. (I think I remember reading that Cushing bought the property in the 1940s) It's a Eucharistic Shrine, operated by the OMV Fathers (their formation house is next door) who also operate Saint Francis Chapel in the Pru.

Saint Cecilia was built in the 1890s by/for the servant populations working in rich Back Bay houses.
I suspect it also had something to do with anchoring the west edge of the rail yards and probably drew from that population, too.

I am curious if there was ever any formal Catholic church between the Fens, Kenmore & Brookline, especially back in that time.
The Marist Fathers operate the Lourdes Center in Kenmore Square, which includes a public chapel.
Emmanuel College is along The Fenway, only about a thousand feet from the Park Drive address.

If it’s like most churches it’s used one hour per week at most. The lazy turds at this cathedral also never clear their sidewalks after snowstorms.