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Don't worry: Nobody's drowning in Jamaica Pond

All the equipment parked at the northern end of Jamaica Pond is so Boston firefighters can do their annual training on how to rescue people who don't listen to them and go out on the ice anyway and then fall in:

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This is state land, but there was nighttime activity last Monday night: First responders, spotlights, firetrucks. After a short period of time, they all left the scene.

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Some people went on the ice and it seemed like one went under. He/she didn't.

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Though I guess pond training and river training might be different skills.

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who's going in? Rookie hazing? Lost a game of rock, paper, scissors?

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After the holidays.

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What about all the equipment (as in a convoy of trucks equipping the Boston Strangler movie) along Washington Street that has been causing bumper to bumper traffic at rush hour? It's bad enough we already had traffic slowing everything down before they arrived. Are they done filming?

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