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Dozen Boston parking-enforcement officers may have been writing fake tickets to get off work

The Herald reports the city has suspended six workers and is looking at six more in a scheme in which they allegedly wrote bogus tickets to make it seem they were working their shifts when they weren't.

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Well they saw that very little was done by the state when state troopers did a similar thing to get paid for hours they didn't work. A couple were prosecuted but most were just shuffled around to different barracks like pedophile priests. Glad the city seems to be taking it more seriously so far than the state did.


I’ll believe the city is taking it seriously when I see a serious effort to prosecute for whatever criminal charges (fraud? Perjury?) are applicable, not just “oh well, they don’t work for us any more so nothing we can do.”


Data analysis of ticketing patterns among the enforcement officers should have revealed this. Obviously no one is performing any sort of quality control.


"Members who are convicted of a crime relating to their employment may have their pension benefits forfeited by court order. In addition, any dollars in the members pension account is available to pay for any court-ordered restitution for economic loss to the State or local government due to the members crime."


As if the city can afford to hire data scientists for exploratory research. We're at minimum a solid 2 decades out from anything like this being standard.

…. when I 311 an illegally parked vehicle the report back is “all clear” even when I can see the vehicle still illegally parked in the same spot.

These crooks not only cheat the city on pay, they cheat us all by not keeping the streets safer by ticketing and towing genuinely illegally parked vehicles.


Contacting 311 with an immediate problem will not get an immediate response. 911 gets someone out there to deal with the issue.

The best 311 can do is to document a chronic issue- like delivery people parking in the bus lanes on Brighton Avenue while they are picking up deliveries. One car at one time? No, useless.

As usual.

Years ago I got a notice for an unpaid ticket that I never got. Fortunately, I was able to show that I hadn't been in Boston that day due to appointments elsewhere. I've always thought it was retribution for the one I successfully fought - I'd been ticketed before I had a chance to get out of the car and put money in the meter.


you reactive lazy slackers. Look at the majority of 311 reports are illegal parking. And even at that they close them out by saying “all clear” or “noted”.
I’d like to see how many tickets are issued without a 311 complaint.