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Even in Massachusetts, people dying waiting for care at hospitals with beds filling up with Covid-19 patients

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ESPECIALLY in Massachusetts.
Bed shortage or not…Business is excellent !!

Bring on the infallible Oracles of Science and the educated !




I'm game...



If SA is any guide, Omicron is incredibly mild. We will all get it anyway in the next few weeks.

As for the story, nowhere is vaccination status mentioned. Maybe that's what the doctor alluded to when he said "this didn't have to happen"


I'm so sick of hearing this line. If Omicron is so mild then why are the ICUs full? Why are we back up to a similar death rate that we saw during last Winter's spike?


There must still be significant amount of Delta among undervaccinated population.


Or.. it's mild to those who are vaccinated, but to the 30%+ of the population that isn't vaccinated, it's pretty much the same.

Add in that it's more virulent, and you got the reason for both a huge number of mild cases and hospitals packed with the dying to own the libs crowd.

I'll also add the media seems gun-ho of stating that because this strain is milder to the vaccinated, this signals that were moving from pandemic to a less severe endemic.

Thing is the virus doesn't care what we want, and that's not how viral evolution and mutation works from what I've read. It's equally as likely the next mutation is the deadliest yet, while keeping the more virulent mutations.

Hell, Omicron has already proven why herd immunity was a fallacy. It's reinfecting both the vaccinated and the perviously infected.


Dear NotFromBoston,

A very quick Google search can help you find the vaccinated/unvaccinated breakdown of hospitalizations in MA: 45% vaccinated, 55% unvaccinated (that’s current hospitalizations, not new). Given that 70 or 75% of the population is vaccinated, this means that the unvaccinated are thoroughly over-represented.


What other questions would you like answered?


Sorry, what question did you answer?


You’re right, I read this — As for the story, nowhere is vaccination status mentioned. Maybe that's what the doctor alluded to when he said "this didn't have to happen" — and some of the following comments and got it into my head that you were making a point about vaccination status and hospitalizations. Sorry about that.

Except that SA vaccination rate is much lower than Massachusetts's.

I am going to go out on a limb here: given the idiocy you are spewing, you have absolutely no scientific or professional background to make these statements.

And you are having epic issues grasping basic percentages and multiplication.

Just. Knock. It. T.F. Off.


Smaller percentage of cases require hospitalization especially among the fully vaccinated, but there are many more cases overall? And lots of hospital staff out sick themselves?


Have you seen the waste water numbers?! It's off the charts compared to last winter. The fact that the hospitalization numbers are the same as last winter is all the evidence you need regarding effectiveness of vaccines and severity of symptoms. Pay attention before spending your energy on getting all fed up.


I check the wastewater numbers every morning when I wake up. I'm well aware of the spike (which is almost back down to where we were last Winter). I'm really sick of people just spouting off about how Omicron is mild for two reasons though:

  1. We don't actually know that.
  2. The only thing accomplished by repeating the line that Omicron is milder ad nauseam is lulling people into a false sense of security and encouraging them to take fewer precautions.

I don't know why I chose to engage with notfromboston, since they are likely just trolling for reactions like they are with all of their other comments on this site. I'm just so sick of this shit.


Ok thanks for clarifying. I better appreciate your point and I agree with you.


If it's so mild for vaccinated folks, why are there vaccinated folks in the ICU? Oh, right, because it's still severe enough to need the ICU for a good many folks, which especially includes a lot of people with disabilities/chronic medical conditions.

Wear your mask, get vaccinated if medically able, and stay the fuck at home.

"Mild" is a euphemism for "less likely to kill healthy people."


Will you be happier with "less severity" instead of "mild"?

Mild but more transmissible still means more deaths.


Now add "public facing and medical workers dropping like flies" with "mild" illness and stir.

You can really tell who failed math.


Mild is subjective

What's your real reason for constantly spewing this disinformation? You cannot claim that you haven't been informed otherwise, we've all seen it. So why are you lying?


I stand corrected. Instead of everybody it will infect just about everybody.

If you publish a story like this, you should have to disclose the vaccination status of the subject of the story.

If they're vaccinated, they're being put at risk by selfish people who chose not to get vaccinated and are overwhelming emergency rooms and ICUs. The vaccines are incredibly effective at preventing ICU admissions.

If they are not vaccinated they are part of the problem and I don't want to hear about how they were true soulmates and died holding hands when the headline should be that they could have lived another two decades. I'm tired of these selfish clowns putting everyone else in danger.


Was awful.

For some reason we’re not seeing discussions about the fact that even “mild COVID” can (a) make you feel like shit and (b) lead to “long COVID”. There’s also evidence that you can have heart inflammation within a few days of getting sick.

And the other poster was right about the randomness of mutations—to avoid the risk of a nastier strain we need to reduce transmission as much as possible. Each new infection creates an opportunity for mutation.

Lastly, drugs are in production which, like Tamiflu for influenza, will protect us from the worst aspects of the virus. If I must get COVID, I’d prefer to get it when there are better treatments out there and our hospitals aren’t in crisis. And getting “Covid brain” on top of “pandemic brain”? No thank you!!!

Or have we given up on "hope"?

Our Commonwealth did a pretty good job of opening extra capacity temporary care facilities to handle the surge in patients. These facilities took in people who needed care but were not in critical condition. I don't understand why these facilities were not started back up when we all saw this gigantic tsunami of cases coming since before Thanksgiving? Is it because there's no one to staff them?

The CDC director said that patients are being admitted with covid, not because of covid.

Apparently now it's ok for your healthcare provider to be covid positive but not ok to be unvaccinated.

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