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Feds getting kind of even more fed up with runaway MBTA trains

Karyn Regal at WBZ NewsRadio reports that the Federal Transit Administration has ordered the T to pull off the job all train-yard and maintenance workers when another train starts rolling down the tracks when it shouldn't, which happened most recently, that we know of, on the Red Line on Monday morning.

The "stand down" order, which goes into effect tonight, means the workers have to undergo refresher classes and can't return to work until they do.

The feds issued their latest T-related directive due to three "uncontrolled train movement incidents" since May 28, the most recent on Monday. The feds have already warned the T about runaway trains.

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I know that drivers can and do subvert safety mechanisms, but how about fixing the trains and the malfunctions that lead drivers to do this?


You can see the letter (well, at least the first page of it). The FTA's requirements seem very reasonable to me and not punitive. Stand down, figure out why this happened, work to avoid it happening again by fixing the causes.


How does this keep happening AND with the fed breathing down their throats? Complete incompetence.

If there isn't enough maintenance being done to keep the brakes in good shape, it won't matter who's in charge in the yard.