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First mural by a local artist goes up on Greenway wall

New Greenway mural

Greg Cook takes a look at Rob "ProBlak" Gibbs's new mural, "Breathe Life Together," going up in Dewey Square across from South Station. It's the tenth mural on the large wall, but the first by a Boston artist.


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It would great to paint the 8 to 10 D batteries needed to power that thing.

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The detail on the boom box is impressive. Glad we’re highlighting local artists.

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The article says it's one of a series of murals and has links to a couple of the others. Also:

The Greenway says: “The tenth iteration of the Dewey Square mural also comes as the Conservancy’s Public Art Program builds new strategies to engage and support Greater Boston’s local creative communities in just and inclusive ways. As one step in this process, the Conservancy’s Public Art Program is proud to announce its new commitment to feature the work of local artists on the Dewey Square mural at least once every three years, in addition to national or international artists.”
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And I’m thankful for the greenway one whoever the artist is. But that said, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t only select artists living and working in the greater Boston area. It’s not as if there’s a shortage of artists around here and that would be a good way to reinforce that point.

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It seems to be the way around here. Murals in downtown Boston? Bring in someone from outside to paint it. Design T stations? Bring in someone from outside, someone who never rode the T in their life, to do it. Etc. etc. etc.

I'm glad for once somebody local was chosen. Hopefully this will be a trend.

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What’s wrong with giving city artists a chance? Sheesh.

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They aren’t only selecting local artists, it says once every 3 years.

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Wow, a little kid in an Adidas sweat suit an a boom box?This is lame, passe, kitsch.

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