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Green Line dead on the tracks; T says it's just packed to the max

The MBTA says all the Marathon fans jamming into Green Line stops means trolleys have to go wicked slow for safety reasons pulling into and out of stations, but some riders say there's slow and then there's the Green Line:

Took 30 minutes from Copley to Arlington, and Copley is not even open.

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Walk it!

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Did you read the second part of the tweet? " Copley is not even open." They weren't entering and exiting at those two stations, but the train still has to pass through them. That's how trains work.

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Remember when Marty thought Boston would be a great choice for the Olympics? Hilarious!

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There are not many places (especially in the USA) where a city can make any sort of realistic bid to host. It's been clear to me for a long time that some aspiring "host committees" would do better to develop state-level proposals.

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