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Longtime Allston breakfast-nook owner retires, but his nook remains open

Updated: It's not closing, just getting a new owner.

Steven Stamos, who has been serving breakfast all day on Harvard Avenue for decades, is retiring, but he's sold Steve's Kitchen to new owners, who plan on keeping it open just as it is.

In a note posted yesterday, he wrote:

The time has come for us to retire. We gave our heart and soul for 37 years. We are blessed to have so many loyal customers. Our kids were raised here. Many of you walked thru these doors as young students and left years later as young professionals. We are forever greatful to each and every one of you. Thank you for your patronage and great memories.

Before he left the grill for good, Steve helped the new owners get up to speed.

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Of all the restaurant closures over the past 10 years, this one actually made me tear up. I watched those kids grow up.
This is where my best friends & I gathered to do the Globe crossword & eat Texas french toast on Sundays.
When I worked graveyard during the 1990s, I had a cheese omelette at Steve's at least a few times a week on my way home to crash. They were really like family.
Even now, not having lived in or near Allston for 25 years, we still made it a point to go to Steve's a few times a year.
Steve's is where I heard about Tanya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan, where we hung out before knocking doors for Deval Patrick, where I got the news that Mark Sandman died, where we could figure out who was dating by seeing who showed up for brunch together.
The Stamos family worked devilishly long hours with few days off. They were kind and generous. I wish them the best in their retirement

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A well-trod early '90s routine = Club til closing / On to an after party at somebody's (?) house - likely in Allston somewhere / End up at somebody (?) else's place for the night - also likely in Allston somewhere / Wrap the whole thing up with a it-was-fun breakfast late the next morning - definitely at Steve's. (And if lucky - no one you knew saw you.)

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I hope we can get a decent Korean place in that space. Or Chinese wouldn't be bad either.

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Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not as over the last 5-7 years Allston has become not short of Korean joints or bubble tea cafes.
I’d like something non food related , personally.

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I always preferred Grecian Yearning back in the day

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After a night of drinking with a buddy. He let me use the pisser. Nice guy. Fare thee well.

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