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MBTA pulls all the new Orange Line trains again, this time because of some sort of battery problem

The Globe reports the T took all the new cars out of service today after finding some sort of battery problem in one of them.

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World class.


It was a stupid PR phrase that doesn't apply. Try an original thought next time.

What's concerning, is the article's quoted statement of, “Given the FTA’s interim findings and alarming directives, there is an increased need to better understand the agency’s shortcomings and help restore public confidence.”

Am I to take this as, restoring public confidence in the T is just as important, if not more than the actual fixes necessary? Brother, the focus & goals should be on the fixes, which if effective, YIELD the public's confidence.

I hope they meant to imply that once the shortcomings are understood that they will then implement steps to correct said shortcomings. And then public confidence might be restored.

But yeah, as written, it does seem your interpretation might be true.



Has Baker been relieved from the Feds of his MBTA duties?


And the state legislators should be relieved of their oversight duties as well.

Like they actually do any

OK which do you think we'll get first, the new trains staying in revenue service, or the new fare system that was supposed to be rolled out years ago?


both will happen long before anybody from MassDOT / CRRC will be indicted and held accountable.

I'd settle for the trains running on a normal weekday schedule.

Most of the newer trains dating back a number of years have back-up battery systems to power things like lights and doors if there is a loss of power. If there is an issue now is the time to fix them.

as the regular system to power the doors and lights is at best iffy.

that hasn’t already been said a million times? Embarrassing.


The T identified a problem and took action, that's a good thing.

Who wrote the specs on these newer trains and how was quality control to be ensured (whether or not that happened is another question).

I too believe there are many, many issues with and at the MBTA, but I'd like to see responsibility assigned specifically whenever possible, otherwise we just sit here saying "see, the T sucks" every time we're told of an issue. That's certainly not the way we will ever see meaningful improvements.


All these issues will be a thing of the past. Oh, wait….

New trains will soon be old trains
Escalator malfunction at Chinatown station
Elevators are used at bathrooms
Restrooms are for shooting up and sex
Wait till they blow the budget for fossil fuels used for take home cars and buses
Crime is going up